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X'mas celebration

Wifey love gathering and celebration, so she always constantly been thinking what to do during the biog occasion.

As compared to last year celebration in chalet, this year they decided to tone down a little bit. As most of the relatives had just came back from overseas trip, the thought of organising is kept to the minimal.

There is no time to book a chalet or even a BBQ pit for everyone, time is quite tight too.

One day, when hubby and wifey were window shopping in Lot One, they came across the pre order of turkey at NTUC. Wifey wanted the chicken and ham, but hubby requested for turkey instead, because it is a big occasion and they don't get to eat it daily too.

They knew turkey is going to be huge and dry, but hoping everyone will enjoy it later on. The collection date is X'mas Eve.

They suggested to go to hubby grandma house on X'mas eve, but the notification sent to other cousins were a bit too late because they had their own plan already. 

When they collected the t…

Clar admitted to hospital as well

Is it because of the Ong family line, most of the kids will be admitted to hospital due to bronchitis. This is what aunt had told both hubby and wifey when they signed up their insurance policy for the girls.

On 22nd Jun, Cait was admitted to Mt A due to high fever and diarrhea.

On 22nd, also on Saturday, Clar admitted to KKH due to her cough and bad diaper rash. Coincidentally, both of them were admitted in the early morning. As Cait is older, she can expressed by telling them her discomfort, but for Clar, she can only cry and screamed, a lot of patience is needed.

Thanks goodness there are not a lot of patients around, so the queue is a lot faster. After the doc had examined Clar, they were told to let her go for an X-ray and puffing. This is to check whether it is pneumonia or bronchitis that caused her to cough non stop.

The nurse at triage had measured Clar having low O2 at 94, which the moderated level should be 95 and above.

During the X-ray, hubby was accompanying her in the r…

The food and the look

Wifey love dodo so much that she decided to do it herself. Surprisingly, Cait came over and try eating it, claiming that she like it a lot!

Anyway, this is not the real dodo, more of tuen yun.

Pooh Bear Biscuit - The shape of the pooh bear and others can be bought from Ng Ming Huat, Johor Bahru

Last but not least, guess which is Cait and Clar. Do they look alike?

Clue - the eyes is the obvious answer.

Spending a day at Vivo City

When was the last time they stepped on VivoCity? Perhaps just HarbourFront when they were heading to Batam.

Since it is just another weekend, they decided to go there for a short trip. Let the kids see and enjoy the X'mas atmosphere. They arrived quite early, but finding a car park lot is not easy. To go there, one word for you: Patience.

Try parking above if you saw that it is full at the basement.

Does the kids enjoy hanging out at Vivo?

Yes they do, and a lot. But they didn't stay quite long because it is going to rain and both of them are getting crankier each and every min.

The initial thought of going to Toys 'R' Us had been changed to impromptu walk around. Wifey find that there are too many people in the shop and going to Suntec is even better!

Due to major renovation at Suntec, this is the good timing to go Toys 'R' Us without any rushing of crowds. Stand there and choose it slowly, no one is hurrying you! 

There's a stationary Carousel located i…

Cait favorite teacher

It had been two years since Cait is with My First Skool.

She entered the school when she was as young as Clar, not able to speak and walk properly. The teacher in the school spend their very effort to guide the children well. Now Cait love to talk, able to use her language well and observe the surrounding too.

As she did not have any sibling in school when she was as young as Clar, the only person whom she can confide is the teacher.

Ever since, Cait had locked on her favorite teacher in school. they love talking to each other because Cait maturity is so much older than her age. She is smart and quick witted, of course, hubby got it from her before.

This is how it begun:

One day Cait was asking mummy question, but she was watching the TV. 
So hubby acknowledged her question.
Cait turned around and ask:"Are you mummy?" With the suspicious look from her.
Hubby immediately got a shock by that reply!

Another encounter.
Cait was talking to wifey in the car, then hubby started talking…

Hair cut for Cait and swensen day

Cait had been cutting her hair at someone house, but the result doesn't seem to please hubby and wifey at all.

The hair look pretty weird whenever she went for hair cut, and this time hubby and wifey prefer to bring her out to have it done at other place.

They were at Clementi Mall, and decided to bring Cait up to QB house; they have special siting stationary machine meant for the kids - they will be siting on it while cutting their hair, and they get to enjoy a short ride!

Cait was quite obedient during the hair cut. But she tend to move around as she was feeling very shy, thus the tongue of her's kept on sticking out.

At least she finished the cut in peace, and get to enjoy a 1min ride.

While Cait was waiting patiently, Clar on the other hand, was so busy running around the area, and making a lot of noise. 

It is not advisable for Clar to cut her hair because she look great now, and she cannot sit still during the hair cut which might endanger to the hair dresser and hersel…

SOO Babies Prom at Esplande

When can you step into the concert hall with kids, making a lot noise, and moving around the seats?

There you go!
The one and only specially tailored for the kids - 10th SSO Babies Prom!

All thanks to this event sponsored by Lim and Tan securities, the kids enjoyed the beautiful music played by the SSO members.They are great musician; Cait and Clar really enjoyed through out except for the toilet break.

The goodies bag

Xander look erm... with the balloon

On the other hand, Cait was happily holding to the balloon.

Cait had always been interested in violin, so this event will enhance her knowledge towards string instrument. In fact, that is making Cait even more excited - sitting quietly and enjoying.

 Everyone is hoping to come for the 11th SSO babies proms.

This is the first time Ongies stepped in Esplanade Concert Hall, everything is so grand and the beautiful sounding as well.

After this snap shot, everyone sat down quietly enjoying the show by SSO. No more video and photography a…