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Good bye 2013, Hello 2014.

Everyone will be opening their wide arm to receive 2014 and bid good bye to 2013. It had been a wonderful year - be it the changes, the shockening or the sadness.

The Ongies would like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks for those who had frequent to this blog and read about what is going on for the two lovely Cait and Clar.

Promise that this blog will keep on going (if time allows)

Wifey had been working very hard throughout the year, and hope the effort is recognised for the better good.

While hubby, turned part time house husband and self employed, will be striving hard to build up his career - photo, audio and video. (any inquiries, please drop an email)

For Cait and Clar, both had been promoted, will be studying even harder, especially for Cait. She will be more hands on - reading and writing, because K1 is the stage that she need to learn a lot, and as a parent, require to focus on her work as well.

How about you?

Trip to Zoo

Once again, they are back to Zoo trip again. It is wonderful to go out with friends, especially when the kids have their own companion at the same age.

It was only 0930hrs when they arrived at Zoo and their friend had told the rest that the boat ride (River Safari) for them is at 1500hrs. (despite being early, you can see the overwhelming response for this ride! When they went from Zoo to River Safari at 12 noon, all tickets were sold out!)

It is school holiday, thus the crowds explained. Many parents make full use of this holiday to bring the kids out to see animals, enjoy the sunlight, and also the wonderful waterplay in Zoo.

Water play in Zoo is one of the most attracted area most of the kids, they will have a lot of fun in the water, splashing each others and coming down on slides.

As they are now 4 years old, it is a lot easier for them to understand what animal they are looking at, or rather, which animal they wanted to see. Although Clar is not 4 years old, she tend to pick up …

Cait had been promoted to K1

Having clueless when sending Cait to school, he was astonished that Cait had been promoted to K1!

Cait turned and face him:"I told you last week already, you don't know ah!!!"

Well, nothing to be shameful about because he really do not know what was going on last week, and he did not hear anything from Cait at all.

Nevertheless, this show that Cait had grown up a lot. Her mentality is very matured than others, thus her understanding level is very high. It is not easy to trick her at all.

Because of this, it will means: harder to discipline her.

Having promoted to K1, this will let Cait to focus more on studying, learning and reading. Let's enjoy the last of 2013 first.

It is good to see that Cait love to go to library and read the books, hence the borrowing of 11 books. While they wanted to stay longer in the library, Clar had been making too much noise which may disturb the others.

During the PTC (Parent Teacher Conference), the teacher mentioned that Cait had made …

Batam getaway

This has gotta be one of the most relaxing trip The Ongies had enjoyed so far.

Wifey felt that it would be great to have a getaway every year, be it whether it should be near or far away from Singapore.

This time, they decided on 2D1N stay in Batam.

Everything had been planned carefully by wifey. They had this trip booked at the very last min because they were afraid that Cait will fall sick again. She was down with high fever for days previously.

Compared to the last time when they went to Batam, that was such a tiring experience which they will not want to go through that again. The whole family were totally exhausted by the end of day.

For this time, wifey preferred to stay for a night at Harris hotel, Batam Center.

They were not alone, one of their relatives also joined with the day trip too. But due to work comittement, hubby's dad was not able to go with them.

The trip was planned for Thursday and Friday - and it was a bonus given that weekday rate is slightly cheaper.