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Clar feeling pain

No one knows what is happening on Clar when they found out that she has some marks on her butt. It seem like the skin are peeling off, and making her so irritated about it.

Also, the surrounding is pretty red too. It could be her diaper, urine that on her skin for too long? It is pretty hard to judge from there.

So wifey quickly put some aloe vera, California baby and nappy rash cream on her in 3 different occasion. They have to put her on napkin instead of diaper for tonight. Means, the helper will have more job to if she poo.

When applying the cream on her, she felt the pain and kept on crying non stop. Just imagine that you put some cream on your peeled off skin! It can be so irritating hurts.

While for Cait, her fav teacher told them that she had been very good recently. This is a good sign by sending her home later than usual. About 6pm plus is a good timing for her because she still be able to interact with the rest until their classes combined. She also started to finish up her…

All is good

Both Cait and Clar are fine and everyone is glad to see the change from them.

Cait is willing to take in more food, despite some junk food or what, at least she is better than the past few weeks, which she had been rejecting food.

Now, she will ask for food that she like. Not only that, she will want food constantly; she is consuming few meals in low quantity.

But, they are getting trying to introduce vegetable and fruits to her. Let's hope that she will like 1 out of many!
It is going to be tough, but for the benefit for her, it does not matter at all!

Thanks everyone for being so concern.

As both the princess had fallen asleep, hubby is unable to snap their portrait for week#7. It had been a shag day out for them since morning. But hubby is extremely happy to bring them out to Robinson sale, Expo this afternoon! Of course, helper, wifey, Clar and mom did come together too.

To the hospital

Today, Cait have to go to hospital because everyone is very worried about her; especially the diarrhea.

Hence, hubby had to rush home and send her to KKH immediately, it is lucky that wifey is working from home, so there's help too.

Cait seem pretty ok initially when hubby got home. Nevertheless, they still send her to KKH. All the wait took about less than 2hrs, partly they went out for small bites and also, it is daytime. As compared to the night, wait will be extremely long even though there are lesser patients.

They made quite a boo-boo there; forgotten to pay the money at reception counter!

It did not take too long to wait after they had settled the bill.

A female doctor was checking at Cait and ask a lot of question about her. Knowing all the symptoms, she wanted Cait to lie down, so she can check her nose. To her surprise, there's swollen/infection at Cait nostril.

That will make Cait feeling irritated and cough badly till she vomit. So, she had been given quite a lot o…

Both Princess Ong - Down

One after another, it seem like a see-saw. When Cait is fine, Clar will be down; today, it is vice versa.
Clar looked listless yesterday and vomited 2 times since morning. When she vomited for the third time, they decided to bring her to see the doctor; they are glad that she recovered today. But she seem a little fussy, perhaps due to her teething that irritate her.
As for Cait, she seem pretty good yesterday and accompany Clar to see the doctor together. She was a little way too playful in the clinic until her grandma came to pick her up while 
But today, hubby received a call from the school because Cait had vomited and having diarrhea for a few times. Hence, isolated from other kids. It was 6pm plus when they dropped by the school to pick her up, she appeared to be very happy until she sat down on the car seat. After a while, Cait feel like sleeping as she look in a daze. 
It could be the diarrhea that caused her to feel weak and very tired even though she had nap for 2hrs in scho…

The change of Claryne's name

Hubby and wifey had decided to change Claryne's Chinese name because there are some crashes on her elder sister; Cait.

It happened that Claryne first character of Chinese name is crashing with Cait second character. For the girls benefit, they must change Claryne's name under the advise from "superior being".

It was an unintentional to select the name in the first place, but never did they know, it was not doing too well for either of them.

So, when you selecting names for your kids, it is better to look through thoroughly and consult as many people as possible, it do good for them. Although there are many disagreement, it is better to ensure that everything is fine.

Luckily Claryne is below 1 year old, hence the deed poll is not necessary. But the payment will be $60 from ICA.

As this is the extracted Birth Cert, it will not be the same as the initial one. It is smaller, but still come with colors. When the ICA officer shown the sample to them, they thought that it …

Cait the monitress

Photos uploaded for lantern festival

Arrival at the park

All the lanterns been light up!

Clar lying down in there enjoying.

The Ongies shot during lantern festival

Happy family posing together.

Why Cait look so blur?

The Ongies during lantern festival

It was pretty hot that day, but yet, everyone does enjoy walking around with the lanterns

Cait the discipline mistress?
She will say pain, if anyone simply touch her lightly; not even a beat. This happen when she kept saying pain on her palm and said that her teacher beat her, but it was a misunderstanding after all.

Apparently, her favorite teacher love to play with kids and gave them a kiss on hand and then, follow by a light tap on palm; that led Cait saying the teacher beat her. Hubby and wifey were pretty shocked and did not believe it at all until a call is made for clarifying this noon.

The teacher also gave updates to wifey about Cait progress in school. They were glad to hear that Cait is progressing well because she…

Mid Autumn - Lantern

It is the second time Cait is celebrating the lantern festival this year, and along with her; Claryne.

They went down pretty late as compared to last year; it was near 8pm when they got down and there isn't a lot of people bringing their lantern to the park.

Quickly, hubby faster lit up the lantern for everyone. It was a short trip down; just to let Cait enjoy the feeling of carrying the lantern. She will appreciate more when she grow older. As for Clar, she cried when they moved on further; perhaps the dark environment scared her off.

The whole duration was just less 30min, and there a couple of people heading down to the park with their lantern as well. It wasn't a many as last year.

At the other side of the block, kids were playing the candles and the loud sound sparkles.

It wasn't a good idea to teach Cait how/ deliberately to burn the lantern off. She might learn the bad things from there, so they head back home with the lantern in one piece.

Suddenly beside the road,…

Still coughing

Seem like Cait is not doing any better despite seeing the doctor twice, had the stronger medicine that require her to take just 1 time a day and now, she still vomit at night.

It had goes on for 2 weeks and night time without failing. Everyone was kinda worried about her and tried their best not to let her eat anything that might cause her to cough even more.

As for now, she had been banned to eat sweets and some fried foods. These are the deadly cause to her, but she still have not recover.

She even have her own lunch brought from home; this is to prevent her from consuming fish and chicken in school. 

Even her favourite uncle had been barred to give her any form of sweets and chocolate. Everyone is currently exercising the prevention of Cait's tibit. They are still holding their breathe hard and hope she recover in no time.

Week by week snapshot

Week 5

Cait posing in front of the camera

Hey yo! There she is greeting all.

She is trying to show victory!

Yummy toe of hers. Clar recently…

Look before paying

This teach them a lesson upon paying the items without checking it first; extra 2 bottles of hair solution had been added by Cait without their notice!

Hubby did saw Cait putting things in the basket when they are walking around looking for items at Swanston. Thus, asking her to put back the things as it is redundant.

Cait was smart to put the things back to the original area she took. But further down, she began to put in toothpaste and dove body solution! It is not just one but a lot! Till hubby explained to her, then she willing to let him place the items back to shelves.

When paying up the items, they did not counter check and assumed that everything is in order until they sort out the items at home. While hubby thought that the two bottles was actually put in by wifey, she also thought the same way! End up, the main culprit: Cait!

Wifey interrogate her and Cait admit her doing and run away with a sly smile.

It was such a boo-boo moment, but luckily these 2 hair solution bottles …

Planning in mind

She need shade badly! It was pretty hot outside when they had finished their breakfast and walking back to their car. This scenario about Clar is such a memorable.

And the attempt to make a star egg, which is to motivate Cait on her appetite.

Getting to understand more
Hubby seem to understand more about his daughters lately. He was not the type that know how to take care of them, but for now, he know it all. Except putting them to sleep on bed. That is still the toughest job for him.

He chose to put down a lot of things and tried his best to play with the elder one as much as possible. He felt that by making the bonding strong, the daughters will listen to him more; stay attentive and be more discipline when bringing her home from school.

There are a lot of things that Cait have to learn and change her old habits. Nothing is too late, just the effort. Now, wifey and him think that they should look into her boredom and eating habits.

Today, wifey bought her a car lantern; dad got …

Visit to Cait and Clar's great grandma

They have not visit grandma for a long time, so they decided to head up with the kids after their brunch at Beo Cres; hubby most favourite food stall - Hainan curry rice.

Cait was happy to eat the fried slim pork chop when it is right before her eyes; she decided not to eat her donuts tho.

Look like evil hubby wanted to train up his daughters for eating Hainan curry rice!  

Grandma was delightedwhen she saw her great grand children coming to visit her. Look into her eyes, she does miss them a lot.

Although they only stay for 30min, it was a great memorable day for grand ma.

Cait had been coughing pretty badly since few days ago.The main culprit could be the chocolate she consumed lately.

This is not the first time she had it from chocolate. And in the middle of the night, she will wake up and attempt to force herself to vomit out. That led to pain and swollen throat which everyone is hoping she recover soon.

As for Clar, she has phlegm while  drinking milk in the morning. But they d…