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Cait does not know

Does Cait know that she have a younger sibling coming soon?

Via the ultrasound scan, Dr Adrian told them it is probably X gender. But for now, the X gender will remain mystery until 12th of Nov. That will be the day for full detail scan.

Little one seem to know Cait surrounding  because it often itch wifey. Was it afraid or trying to communicate?

Wifey once pulling up her tee to reveal her tummy to Cait, asking her to sayang the younger sibling. Instead, Cait gave a loud slap onto the tummy! Immediately, the little one seem to be afraid of that!

After comforting the young one by hubby, it does not feel afraid as like before.

One day, after hubby was talking to the little one, he placed his ear onto wifey tummy and listen. Suddenly, there's some sorta growling sound made inside there! Even wifey felt that too. It sounded as if you are very hungry, but in fact, it is not. That's weird tho.

As Cait is not aware of anything, often she sat and jumped onto wifey tummy. There's on…

"Knock knock"

This posted had been written last Sunday.. and yet, it had not been posted out.
Decided that the photo will come in later, hence posting now will be better.

Cait had been receiving "knock knock" treatment recently especially this week. Was it her luck or?
Since the "knock" onto the chair at neighbor's house, in total she had it 5 including today. 
Description with photos - 
2nd knock: Dad was carrying her, and by all sudden, she had her head knock onto the edge of the cabinet door.
3rd knock: She was in the study room, sat down quietly on the chair with rollers. Suddenly, she wanted to climb on the table and the chair gave way by rolling off! As a result, she had her chin  hit on the table. 
4th knock: Sitting down quietly on hubby's lap when feeding her, then she started to move back and forth. The stroller was in front of her and she had her forehead hit onto one of the pole. 
5th knock: She climbed on the dining the chair, while attempting to move to the table, sh…

Painful experience

She ran as usual at the place where she is very familiar with.
But luck does not smile on her every time.

She is injured due to falling on the ground. She must be running pretty fast until she lost balance, knock her head onto the floor and had a slight cut.

After examining closely, it is not really a cut but blood clot that form the vertical line.

Obviously, she was in pain and had a great shock. Neighbour was so worried because the incident occurred in their house.

The Ongies weren't surprised because they are used to it. So they are pretty calm while cooling Cait down.

They even told the neighbor not to worry so much because they look shocked and heartache about this incident. As hubby said, every fall is a lesson for Cait to learn. It is just one of these day that she will get injured herself.

Is it coincidence?
Mom's eye was twitching non stop while bathing when Cait fall down.

Fret not, Cait can run and smile now.
Everyone was so cautious about her because they do not …

Photos effect of Cait

Some photo effect of Cait that hubby took recently.

Getting something?

Trying to grab something?

Maybe this will be her next hiding place? Provided the utensils been removed out first.


Oh dear.. so many to clear up?

Lomo of Cait

8 x Lomo

4 x lomo strip

While at Ichiban Sushi at IMM for dinner yesterday.


Cait using chopstick


Yum yum

And this morning, she tried to drive?!
Do not worry, car is in stationary mode and hand brake is secured.

Cait is concentrating

Look as if she is driving, right?

Racer Cait!

At grandma house.
She is happy to see Cait again after 4 months.

Quickly, Cait got herself familiar with the house and started to touch the things!

Grand ma looking at her great grand daughter.

Cait the Xena!

And let's show you how daring Cait was earlier today!

She is terrified at the top and both wifey and hubby saw her hand trembling while grabbing the ladder tightly.

While mom was cleaning her wardrobe, Cait seem to get attracted by this amazing ladder which can let her go up to another level.
With split second without looking at Cait, she went to the room and climbed up to the top again.

Cait really need 24hr surveillance.

No doubt, she is really fast moving around, she also make everyone very tired indeed.

Before this, Cait had fallen down from high chair while sitting on the tray which is mounted onto the chair. This is pretty dangerous as she might injured herself!
First, she had her butt hit the leg rest, then onto the floor with her butt sitting on the tray before hitting her forehead on the floor.

She had a fright and cried without making any sound. Within 10mins, she recovered and started to smile. It is never easy to feed Cait.

At that time, hubby went to kitchen and get s…

Cait having slight fever

Cait had her MMRV injection last Saturday at Healthway clinic.

Hubby was the one carrying her tightly and Cait was at the posture like Koala bear. Hugging her tightly and wifey distract her by giving her sweet to eat.

The doctor quickly had the job done within a minute!

Surprisingly, Cait only whine for 30sec! And that sorta whine is her usual sound when she dislike people to constraint her from moving much. Bet that she does not know there's an injection going on.

Passed 5 days from Saturday, she started having fever today. Cait still can smile and had her toddler talk now. So to say, at least she is not sick but due to the injection given that caused the feverish on her.

Feverish aside, Cait seem to love hubby to feed her instead of mom.

As hubby was about to feed her, she will sit down quietly and open her mouth widely! When mom tried to feed her, Cait will start to grab the bowl from her, of course with mom still supporting the bowl, and passed to hubby because she insisted hi…

Happy Birthday, wifey! #3

Fret not, it isn't a 3 days Birthday celebration tho.

The Birthday celebration was held on the 5th Oct, a day after the actual day. Coincidentally, wifey's Chinese Birthday fallon the 5th, thus hubby decided to get the cake on that day.

Wifey wasn't feeling well on the actual day because of hot weather that result her feeling tired and weak.

She was feeling great on Tuesday and also, for Cait, she thought it is her birthday again. She seem so delighted and excited when there's a birthday cake in front her!

2 years ago, hubby still remember vividly that wifey was lying on the bed, vomiting non stop due to her first pregnancy.

Next year, there will be 2nd young one to celebrate the birthday! How exciting, right?

Wifey Birthday cake

Happily wishing

Cait with wifey

It seem like Cait is interested to grab the cake!

Cait cannot wait anymore!

After the wish, time to blow off the candles

It's time to eat the cake!

Happy Birthday, wifey! #2

Let's continue wifey Birthday celebration! This time: @ office!
Many thanks to her nice colleagues who make it happen!

Birthday Girl

Birthday cake


Giggling and chatting

Birthday wish

Blowing candle


Look old

Nice colleagues celebrating

Cutting of cake!

Busy busy busy

Enjoying the cutting moment

Happy Birthday!!

On the actual day, wifey decided to give a treat to mom, hubby and mom's boss in Red Star restaurant! Hubby will never forget to order his favourite hor fun there! This is the only hor fun he really enjoyed to core!

Cait looking

Playing with chopsticks actually

Foods on the table

After the treat, they went to Suntec for shopping! It is wifey Birthday and hubby do not want to waste his leave by staying at home. So, there they go to Toy R Us!

Trip to Toy R us

Cait  movement is fast and she can't seem to stop herself from playing so many toys! When hubby touched the musical toy for her to listen, she prefer to take the new set to play! There, she almost d…

Happy Birthday, wifey!


Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To Ve..Ron... Happy Birthday To You!!!

Cake was not present today as wifey is feeling extremely tired due to bad weather. Along with hubby and Cait, everyone was feeling a little bad mood.
Sun was way too hot and making everyone feel like sleeping!
On Saturday morning, hubby gave wifey a wonderful gift! A gift that wifey had been expecting for years. Hubby got to thanks mom and big aunt for helping out by choosing the bag for wifey. Initially, he wanted to get other model of bags but was stopped by mom instead.
In the end, everyone was very happy for the bag been selected. Even the sales girl felt so envious and kept saying hubby was really a sweet husband! With mom saying in Mandarin to the salesgirl:"Of course, she gave him 2 babies now, so it is a must to pamper her. Some times, you just cannot save that sum of money. The gift to her will make her appreciate even more."
So there, the bag was bought and hid in the hou…