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Cait recovering

Everyone was glad that Cait is feeling well now.

Cait is suffering from fever, cough and vomit; doctor gave 4 medicine for her to eat. It is hard to feed Cait as she is not so cooperative while taking the medicine.

Western med is much sweeter and easier to feed, but not the same for Chinese med. Despite letting Cait had the western med, she still not feeling well at all. Everyone know she is feeling heaty and she need to poo out tho.

After letting mom's boss, whom is a Chinese Physician, to check on Cait and immediately they have to use force to make her drink it. Chinese med is bitterly, sour and hard to swallow because of the bad smell and taste. But knowing that it is for Cait own good, they have to prepare sweet and some stuff to make Cait forget about the smell and taste.

Forcing Cait to drink up the medicine is hurting to mom and wifey, as for hubby, he feel nothing at all as he know it is for her own good.

It is important to make kids happy while having such medicine. They might…

Feverish Cait

Cait is feeling feverish again.

She had not been sleeping well since last night and this morning her fever finally subside. Could it be another tooth again? Right now, she is having fever at 38.1 degree.

Wifey is staying at home taking care of Cait with mom.

Cait love feeling windy than hot, so mom had the fan blow on her at mid speed while sleeping and she is worrying that if it is the reason why Cait is sick now. Mom also noticed that Cait did not eat well recently.

No matter what, they are hoping that Cait will recover soon.

Cait and her adventure moment

Putting Cait on the old looking kiddy ride is amusing to watch. She was giggling non stop towards the car. Hubby and mom did not insert the coin in as Cait cannot sit still, they fear that she might jump out.

Cait figuring out the car

The 'Oh' look is so cute from her

Smile, Cait

yummy chili crab!

happily eating non stop

Knowing that Cait love exciting 'ride', wifey hold her tightly in her arm while playing standing-spring-animal (the type that is mount on the ground with a standalone spring connected to the animal whereby it allow people to sit on it to play/swing everywhere.)

Cait was laughing and giggling non stop because of this new exciting game. As wifey was playing so happily with Cait, both of them fell backwards which result them being shocked! But luckily they did not fall on the ground.

Happy Chinese New Year, Cait!

It had been very hot these few days during this Chinese New Year. Do remember to hydrate yourself and your kids.
Every year, they will head down to Waterloo St temple and pray around late noon. Sun will be very harsh and it will be very tiring for Cait as well. Not to forget that there's a lot of devotee carrying the joss stick too, but often, you will see some of them like to point the joss stick outwards that might hurt the people in front, especially those with kids.

You might have to queue up to go in the temple first as they have to limit the number of people in the temple to prevent human traffic congestion.
To prevent all these, this year they went to the temple around 6am plus. Human traffic at the temple are quite crowded but still there's room to walk around. The only thing they have to look into is the front part of the altar whereby people want to donate in the box. There should be a gate for people to line up instead. There are a lot of elderly trying to squeeze in a…

Cait know how to SIT!

It is never too late for anything! Cait tried to sit on her own from crawling position!

Everyone are happy to see Cait doing quite a lot of improvement! Cait recently love been sayang so much as if she is like a little baby. For instance, when hubby drove for car wash, Cait will feel scare instead of being happy, jumpy and shouting from the past. Now, she preferred to drink her milk when carried, but in the past, she can just finished while on the mattress without anyone trying to carry.

It seem like Cait started to know more things and feel scare that when mom or wifey are not around. She is a monster at times but really a sweetie pie too.

Cait wanna check on wifey's pedicure

Look what??? Can't you see Cait dreams? (the bubble on hubby tee)

And here's the video of how Cait attempt to sit on her own! A round of applause!!!

Look at Cait strength

Cait in the kitchen and suddenly something dropped onto the floor! What's that?

It's a stack of can drinks that mom had place them on the floor. Not to worry, it is just 2 tiers, so Cait is unharmed. Cait was so interested with the can drinks and mom ask wifey to take a video of Cait trying to do something funny.

Here's some pic snapped by wifey:

Cait trying to get the can drink inside the carton box

Fishing for the drink

And, evidence of Cait the monster trying to be funny towards the can drinks. But well, she does look so adorable, right?

Look at Cait trying to move the cans of drink!

Clever Cait manage to find where the can drinks are...

Cait the Hercules!

Funny Cait wanna save the drink cans!