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On the Sunday - 25.03.2012

All thanks to Cait's workman ship. Instead of inserting the DVD to the entry, she put it between the gap of the HU, which the DVD ended as in the picture shown.

They went to Bugis praying at the temple. The initial idea of going to OG for shopping had been terminated because the sales is over!

So, they decided to head up to Upp Cross St for dessert session and shopping while waiting for mom to knock off from work.

Clar and wifey

Looking daze?

Why does Cait look so sad?

All because she is scared of the two artists standing there and grandpa wanted to scare with it.

Grandpa kept on laughing while disturbing her. Serve Cait right for being naughty and rude towards her grand pa.

She is scare and very worried.

Her face is frowning non stop.

Dinner time
They had a wonderful dinner at Junction 10 - Porn's. As told by wifey, from the review as well, the tom yum soup is a must to try. Hubby, being  a tom yum soup lover, praise over the soup because it is not easy to find the exa…

Qing Ming 2012

Qing Ming - an annual trip to Lim Chu Kang cemetery; hubby's ah gong was buried there.

The Ongies missed out this special occasion last year because wifey was having confinement. This year, the relatives were anticipating for the Ongies family to join in; that goes for hubby's sister and bro in law as well.

As usual, upon reaching there, they will set up 2 tentage first. One for ah gong, another for everybody to hide under the shade. Indeed, there are a lot of people looking at their location! Because they were having picnic session as well.


Offering to ah gong

Cupcakes made by wifey

Cait and her fav cousin - Zi Ting

She like her cousin a lot

Cait and her fav cousion - ZiTing

Preparing to start eating.

Zi Ting going to feed Cait.


There's nothing to fear about at the cemetery, it seem very peaceful and quiet.

Knowing that the traffic will be very bad and congested on the actual day, especially weekend, lots of people intend to pray to their ancestor a wee…

Week by Week

It seem like this photo had not been uploaded to here since last week holiday.

Cait had annoyed hubby last night, and to the stage that he really does not want to bother about her at all. For some minor things that she done, can caused a lot of unhappiness at home - especially when she want to control everything!

Last night, while hubby was trying to make milk for Cait, and she took the clean rag from the table, drop on the floor and stepped on it! Hubby scolded her and pulled the cloth from the floor while she was stepping it, and at the same time, grabbing her right arm to prevent the fall. But it was too late, she fell down; crying out loud.

All her attention was: pain in her butt. This is due to her pass motion that caused it - she did not consume lots of water. And grandma kept talking about the brownies she ate earlier on! But, she did not stop her at all, but allowed as well. But then again, this gonna pissed hubby big time again.

Mean while, he fell asleep on sofa until Clar …

Clar and Cait Birthday 2012

Although Cait birthday falls on 2nd Apr, which is almost a month away from Clar, the Ongies decided to host the party for both princess.

The thought of getting the venue is pretty frustrating because there are a lot of things that they need to take care of - atmosphere. In the end, after selecting few area, they decided to host it at Condo function room, which is hubby's aunt residential.

The celebration is held during evening time, they set the day on Saturday; which is available after 5pm from the booking schedule.

Everything seem smooth on the day; cakes and buffet delivered everything on time, although there's some hiccup on timing.

Calvin, from One Stop entertainment, had been engaged to bring some joys to the kids - balloon sculpture and magic show.

All kids love the balloons and kept asking for more if they can; so long all kids happy and had a lot of fun.

The Ongies would like to thanks everyone who came down for Cait and Clar birthday. It was pretty exciting and enj…