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Cait lover her new items

Previously at 313...

Cait at coffeebean, 313

Hubby favourite hang out: Funan Challenger!

Cait having fun in Funan with wifey.

She was crossing her arm initially! When camera is out, she does not want to show it!

There you go, that's how she look.

Robinson sales @ Expo

Cait was overly tired since morning and finally she fall asleep all the way from Funan to Expo.

Luckily, she was still sleeping even when moving her to the stroller. Just when wifey was looking for some items... Cait's eye open!

Look, her eyes open but she ain't moving yet because she take times to recover and get her energy first.

Still trying hard... but right after the photo had been taken... her 100% charge power is full on!

Cait woke up from sleep and decided to walk around at Robinson Sale, Expo. Apparently... she walked to the dustbin!

She wanted some attention?

The total purchase from Robinson sale! Luckily for $140 voucher, they got the 2nd stroller which is lighter and easier to move.

At least mom can bring Cai…

Ongies last weekend moments

Hubby love to keep things neat and tidy. So he got himself a power surge conceal whereby he can arrange all the cables and wiring neatly. Because of rearranging that, hubby did not upload and blog since last week.

Anyway, these are the photos since last week.

Wifey decided to let Cait walk as she need to get use to it in future. But when she saw mom (her granny), she will whine and wanted her to carry instead. If she did not get what she want, she will cry, sit down and start playing the floor which is so dirty! Clever stunt by Cait.

Cait walking and looking backward

Assist Cait on walking

It was the first time hubby head up to 313 Somerset in Orchard. He was very happy and astonished by all the new buildings and changes there. That is because it had been ages since he last step in Orchard rd! Cait also have fun as well!

@ 313, a pic with the piggy!

Forcing Cait to wear the hat... does she look nice?

Does she look cool? Don't you think so?

Interesting look of Cait the awesome girl! Ok.. s…

Poor Cait, Cute and Smart Cait

Pic taken earlier on while princess is sleeping

She cried and refused to eat until everyone realised Cait have a big ulcer on her upper lip.
This was caused when she tripped and fall on the ground! Blood was seen but not a lot, she was smiling happily after a while.

All of them were fed up when feeding her. No matter what, Cait will spit out the food. Thought she just wanted to try the food taste first, but they are quite wrong.

Wifey was playing with Cait until she saw the ulcer when she is lying facing up on wifey's leg. The size of the ulcer is very big! Half the size of the baby tooth.

That explained the mystery of why she does not want to eat! It is because she felt the pain on her lips. To think, they still fed her hot porridge!

Marie told wifey that if such thing happen again, touch wood, get the sugar and put on the wound. That's the trick tho.

What does Cait do now? A lot of people must be wondering.
She love to do cross arm, taking things and drop because it is fun, and l…

Busy moment for Cait

Father's Day celebration

Celebration of Father's Day last weekend at Brinjai park for dinner. Food is great especially that fish head curry. Everyone love it, but Cait cannot enjoy that yet.


Waiting for food

Yummy drink

Dishes out, finally!

The yummy food

Look at the way Cait sit

The yummy curry fish head

Another weekend is here and time to go OUT!

Busy weekend for hubby and wifey.
Morning, they went for breakfast followed by visiting of granny at home as she had her foot injured recently. Granny is so happy to see Cait as she somehow bring fun and laughter each time granny see her.

Preparing to go out

Smile, Cait... you look so...

Sitting down and ..??

What's up, Cait?

As hubby wanted to go PC Show at Suntec, wifey and him along with Cait quickly moved to the destination ASAP. They walked for 2hrs plus before they decided to head out as hubby is getting more and more poisoned.

The best place to rest at: Gloria Jeans.

Hubby love the relax moment with a cup of coffee and cheese cak…