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PC's alive again!

Hubby's PC is alive again all thanks to his good pal, W, who came all the way to their place to fix up the PC. Turns out there was a lil battery on the motherboard that was flat, hence the PC could not power up. Phew, at least not so damaging on the pockets! Thanks W!
Updates on the last few days:
Last Sat, Wifey, Mom and Cait went out for breakfast via LRT and Cait was nice and well behaved the whole trip. She kept very quiet and kept observing her surroundings. When having their breakfast, Cait also sat quietly in her stroller.
YEs!! Finally we're going out!!
Cait is soooo happy to be out of the house
Why are we not moving off yet?? Wait until my legs are long enough to touch the stroller bar.
Cait awaiting the LRT
Cait looking at the LRT she just came out from
Cait taking a picture at LRT platform
Cait giving us the go-ahead to proceed to our next stop
Cait sitting at the coffeeshop looking at us having breakfast, mummy, where's mine??
Cait's breakfast snack

Computer down

While wifey is unable to do the blogging, hubby will do it on her behalf since there is an internet connection.

PC is down and wifey asked hubby's good friend, William, to drop by their house to fix the issue. Hoping that everything will be fine and wifey will be back on action!

Hubby was shocked to see that Cait had grown up so big!

Hubby and wifey were talking on phone just now and knew from her that, Cait is having her first tooth! This is so exciting!

2 more weeks to go before hubby can join his family and help out in housework and taking care of Cait.

Importantly, let's hope that the PC will be up and running real soon!
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Day 4 that Hubby's in Australia

Its been a few days without Hubby to help out at home and no "chauffeur" around, and everyone at home especially Mom is feeling exhausted!

Mom is complaining of many ailments like headache, breathlessness, gastric and body-aches. Today its great pain in arm. Partly its due to Cait getting heavier and also Mom getting older. But everyone is still doing fine and looking forward to seeing Hubby again!

Wifey is feeling that Cait suddenly expanded and she looks different! Hubby too by looking at photos and video calls with Cait while he is Australia! haha

Here are some photos of these past few days to share

Cait is a happy baby with her personal fan and nicely powdered face

Cait attempting to remove the cushion in front of her chest discreetly

Giving the innocent look while freeing the cushion. Moments later the cushion was flung far away!

Recently she's taken interest in eating other parts of her pacifier except the teat.

See! I can use my fatty hands to balance the pacifier on …

Daddy's off to Australia for a month!!

Today Wifey, Cait, Ye-Ye and Bro-in-law sent Hubby to T3 of the airport. Hubby will be gone for a month to serve the country and at the same time, have an all expense paid trip to Queensland.. Pity Hubby said its a very "ulu" place and there's nothing to buy there! If not, could have gotten alot of nice pressies for friends/relatives and interesting toys/clothings for Cait.

So WIfey is trying to blog today (usually its Hubby blogging) and its so complicating for her to transfer pics from camera to computer, backup, upload to flickr, then add descriptions, then blog! And this is already a short cut cos wifey does not know how to process the pictures and upload using flock as "instructed" by hubby. :P

Silly wifey took the camera to the airport and when taking pictures the camera does not turn on! The battery was left at home charging! So hubby used his camera to take and he'll upload on his end in Australia.

Wifey only managed to capture some pic at home when c…

Kusu Island trip

Cait had been very nice on Friday and Saturday. She did not fuss so much be it on boat and restaurant. Applause to that quietness from her. Partly is because that she managed to go out then staying at home!

Everyone, including hubby's sis, bro-in-law, aunts and cousin planned to go to Kusu Island on the eve of 9th Month because hubby is unable to make it next week due to his overseas training in Australia. They planned to move out by 9.30am to catch the boat at 11.00am at Marina South Pier.

One of the aunt is well-known for her 'gan-cheong' , reached the pier at 8.30am while the rest of the people were still at home. By 9.10am, everyone set off to the Pier and booked the ticket for 11.00am. As the time is still early, everyone head to cafe for a drink first.

As for that aunt, known as 2nd aunt, had already reached Kusu Island as she told everyone there's no chair to sit there and wait for them. It was pretty late when everyone reach Kusu Island, around 12.15pm. To think t…