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Cleaner and nicer look

Gone with the cartoon type of blog theme hubby had for the family.

He always been the one searching up and down for a nice blog theme. He feel good after changing the blog theme, rearrange it and making it minimalistic.

Neat is the keyword to everything.

Hubby is not an IT web personnel, so there are some stuff he really need to look into (removal of some HTML coding)

The color theme (on top) is in black now. He wanted to make it to either beige or baby purple, unfortunately, he is unable to detect the correct coding!

Searching for nice theme is not easy. Personal preference is top priority, take your time to search if it is not your cup of tea!

Especially when you are using Blogger, you will have a lot of headache because most of the nice theme belong to WP.

Instead of whining non stop about the theme, perhaps paying to a designer may helps you ease your mind.

At least everything is customisable. State what you want, the designer will do it for you!

If you want to save everything sin…

Taking and giving the rights

Today, hubby had to reprimand Cait by not giving her the chance to skate (scooter) to her school. Due to her naughtiness, she had been forbidded to watch her anime in car while on the way to school as well. This also goes out to Clar because she was the starter of the whole event.

By the time Cait was in school after the usual health check up, she mumbling non stop so that hubby will be able to pick up her unhappiness.

Time was 0830hrs, the girls were punctual and they are supposed to be in school by then.

Cait said:" See... come so early also use. I don't even have a chance to skate my scooter to the school!"

Hubby know that Cait is a very sensible, but yet can be very sensitive; he agreed to let her go to playground after school only if she behave well in school.

Just as promised, hubby did brought the two girls enjoyed their run and playfulness in the playground.

This is about give and take. Knowing they are in wrong, hubby will tend to take away their rights. He will…

Bai Ti Gong

It had been a busy and tiring month since the start of CNY.

Less talk, hubby filled with some images for you to see.

This is the second year that they are praying to Tian Gong on the 9th lunar year.

Blessing for family health and stay happy always.

Hubby purposely wrote this blog to remember what items to buy for next year. To pray, it is wiser to remain the same items; try not to reduce.

Lou hei lou hei

Gong Hei Fatt Choy.

Stay healthy and be cheerful!

It was everyone 's birthday yesterday. Therefore a belated Happy Birthday to you!

Wifey was preparing for a lou hei session at night. Coincidentally, the neighbor invited them to join them for a great and loud Lou Hei last night too!

It is fun and happy to do it with a big group despite the table will be very messy, dirty and sticky. More importantly, it is all about fun and being loud.

Ingredients given in the box consists of different meaning.

As extracted from Wiki:

When putting the yu sheng on the table offers New Year greetings.

恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai) meaning “Congratulations for your wealth” 万事如意 (Wan Shi Ru Yi) meaning “May all your wishes be fulfilled”

The fish is added, symbolising abundance and excess through the year. 年年有余 (Nian Nian You Yu) meaning “Abundance through the year”, as the word "fish" in Mandarin also sounds like "Abundance".

The pomelo or lime is added to the fish, adding luck and auspicious …