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Trip to Forest Adventure - Good and bad thoughts.

Recently The Ongies, along with their friends had brought the kids down for outdoor fun activities at Bedok Reservoir. If you are able to guess the super fun outdoor activities, then you are right.

The area is The Forest Adventure.

Well, this post is not about praising but the review on what the kids had gone through.

 No further instruction

Wifey was told that everyone will get a briefing before the start the of the obstacle course for the age of 6, and there are 3 of them in total.

Apparently, there are a lot of people queuing up, but they seem to neglect the priority customer who had signed up and awaiting to do the payment.

After that, there is no further instruction given, and the kids all went and queued up to put on their safety harness.

What was the let down?
The kids were left to climb up on their own and not knowing where they are supposed to go because there are no instructors on top to help out.

The parents seem helpless on ground after seeing the kids seem to have fear o…