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Cait in the bathroom and attending party!

Cait love bathing to keep herself fresh and cooling! Something like hubby's pattern.
While mom was bathing her that time, she shouted and hubby to take a quick snap of Cait in the small little red bucket which she does not even want to get up!

Cait enjoying bathing!

Yes, daddy? What you doing huh?

Am I adorable?

Trying to look cute? This is what she usually do. And she love to fall back suddenly and you must be very alert while carrying her!

She love doing that when she wanna play...

How low can she go tho?

Hubby had been attending so many Birthday Parties during April because of the April mummies 's precious. This time, hubby is attending his camp mate's daughter! It is interesting to see that hubby is attending his friend's kid party. Hubby know about this guy, Larry, during his first in-camp training. It was only last year when they went for overseas EX, the bond is even stronger and both of them made agreement to attend each others daughter b'day party.

In order to make…

Cait Chinese Birthday!

Not only they celebrate the English Birthday of Cait, they also did for her Chinese Birthday as well!
There's no guest, invitation, tonnes of food like on the 2nd Apr, but there's only a bowl of mian xian with 2 red eggs.

Everyone will have that on their Chinese Birthday.

Cait was excited and wondering what is going on; thought that there's another party? Nope!

She had few mouthful of mian xian and ate some eggs, which symbolise... huat ha!

Sitting and anticipating

Mom and wifey preparing

Looking aroung with the red egg

Must be quite fun

Wanna eat it?

Playing around again

Wondering what's going on?

Look at the cam, Cait

Cheeky smile

Red Egg again

Grabbing it

Wanna eat it?

Chinese B'day celebration

Feeding her

Does she like it?

Guess she like it!

Peeling of egg shell

Cait also wanna get involve with her finger


After tasting it...time for main xian

get it going!

Feeding Cait moment 1
(look at her expression also)

Feeding Cait moment 2
(look at her expression also)

Feeding Cait moment 3