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Zoo trip!

Zoo trip for Cait again!

Last Friday, My First Skool, organised the trip for all the kids in the school to the Zoo! As usual, the exciting face and anxious look from the kids are so memorable.

It is a good weather to start with, breezing and less hot sun shining down.

All the kids are getting ready to board the bus, but was told that the 2nd bus driver have not come until 1hr later! This is all because he heard Yio Chu Kang instead of Choa Chu Kang!

No matter what, the kids have no choice but to stand there and wait. As for hubby, he is waiting for them to move off as well, because he will be driving there with Clar!

Meanwhile, Clar can rest in the car too.

This is also the first time wifey is around with the kids to the Zoo trip! All thanks that there are quite a few parents who make it to this trip, because everyone can help to look out for the kids and carry them as well.

Everyone is so tired after a long day out at Zoo. Kudos to the teachers that they have to endure till end of …

Cycling week

Nobody knows what's in Cait's mind. She literally can outdo you.

Under strict supervision and teaching, she had been told many times that she have to call the neighbour as uncle, aka Indian people. It is wrong to teach them the other way, where the elder taught them.

One day, Cait had mosquito bitten on her right middle finger and she shown it to hubby and wifey! Oh dear, as they thought.
Immediately, they taught her not to show this sign as this is very vulgar and unpleasant.

Today, she told her grand mother that she cannot show that middle finger to others because it is rude. To point, use the index finger... also must be Number 1!

Whenever she is alone in the room or elsewhere, she will whine till she got the attention. This is to tell everyone that she is alone, and NO ONE is looking at her!

It works for her anyway.

She love Mee Pok so much

Clar saying hi and bye to anyone who walked past there.

On Monday, Cait have to skip the school because she need to head up to Mt A …

Meet parent session and the farm visits

Saturday, parent meeting session in My First Skool.

Cait sitting at the corner while waiting for parents to done with their session.

Clar is cooking?


And she smile next.

Cait looking anxiously, thought she need to stay in school.

She asked: where's my school bag? (Because they were going to school)
Where's my friend?

The teachers praised Cait for her determination and intelligent. She does not confront if anyone go against her, instead she went to teacher.

As for her age, the teachers were quite surprised that she know a lot and behave like an adult. Her talking does not lose to anyone, she will make sure she have her rights and that will make you put to a stop because you cannot find the next sentences to cover.

Next blog will be her quote.

After the school and sending mom to work, they went to Taka for a walk. Since there are food fest, they went around to see if there's something special. In the end, they bought the tea leaves because hubby and wifey really enjo…