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Preparation to primary school

Visit to Primary School
The visit to the Primary School recently resemble the days when the parents were the students before.

Caitlyne child care center, MFS, and along with other child care center were invited by Yew Tee Primary School for their open house last week.

It was an eye opener for the K2 students to see how big and lots of activities the school have.

While the kids were brought to library for story telling session, the parents went up for briefing about the primary school information.

Primary school now is very different from the past. They have a lot of facilities better than before, and also the space is pretty big too.

Much as YTPS looks good, but it is not one of their choice due to the 2km radius rules.

Which school?
The Ongies is figuring which school is more suitable for Caitlyne - academic or learn through play (which consists of different teaching ways for the student to understand better and easier)

Each have their own benefits, but the main point is to let the …