Getaway trip - Batam

June, the holiday for the kids. This means the parents have to find time to entertain them during this 1 month period.

Do not expect them to take their books out and start revising for the next term. If they do that daily, congrats that your kids are definitely a bookworm, or really the studious type.

Most of us have the no low-energy kiddos, they are out to play and watch TV for the holiday season!

Today is their first day of school after a long break. (Finally it is over!)

All photos are taken using only mobile phone: Sony Z5P and LG V20.

I did not bring the DSLR to this trip so that I can enjoy to the max.

Upcoming video for the holiday I have 2 videos coming out to share with you - 1 is during the March holiday on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Mariner of the Seas and another is a trip to Pulau Ubin - Survivor School.
Because the videos have a lot of footage to put in, I will require a bit of time to take out most of the unimportant part (to ensure the video will not be too long th…