How to make full use of your new prepaid Malaysia sim card

Today I would like to introduce you something benefit for people that frequent to Malaysia.

This is the digital stage and we always wanted to get connected to the world. But the main usage is to get connected and look for place easier if you are lost and wanted to get more information via WhatsApps. We cannot deny how much we wanted to get connected.

The first thing you enter Johor, most of us would want to buy a prepaid sim card and get connected, or at least find a place with Wi-Fi.

Most of the prepaid card allow you to use up to 50 days, and without top up, it will be terminated and it is very frustrating.

Ever since I am using this XOX mobile, I find it so easy to use. 

This prepaid card allow me to use 28months! Yes, no expiry after 50day. This is a season pass.

All thanks to my friend who introduce this.

I decided to meet this seller in person and he explained to me with clear instruction. Providing details to him is a must because he will help to register.

If I remember correc…

Which Marvel movie should you start first.

Credit to friend: Yukun

There are a lot of talking about the infinity war and they totally love it.

So I guess that you have not watch the movie, right?

Do not worry, we have not watch either one of it and seriously speaking, we are totally lost.

There are so many of them and I know that they are linked together - more or less.

We have Iron man, hulk, those avengers etc.

Gosh, if you are the person who prefer to watch the story in line, it is better for you to pick up a comic as they based from it.

Apparently, I am not a comic fan, so I have no source where to find them.

I prefer movie due to the CGI, sound effect and surround.

Alright, let's cut the post even shorter.

This is shared by a friend and I will watch all of them based on this sequence.

There is an article about it too, but half way through, I am lost. Too much information.

This is it.

Watch the movie in sequence for better understanding.

1.1 Iron Man (2008)
1.2 The Incredible Hulk (2008)
1.3 Iron Man 2 (2010)
1.4 Thor …

Why I go to wet market?

Location: Yuhua Place, Jurong East Ave 1, BLk 347

I have not been here for more than 10 times despite coming here during my school days after my Saturday ECA session.

(Forgotten to take photo)

Good food that I ate:
Sungei laksa - Top Singapore food - If you love light gravy, this is it. If not, this is not for you.
Carrot cake/ Chee Cheong Fun - I like hot food, yummy.
Peng Kuey - If you like Soon Kuey and Peng Kuey, this is the place you should try it.

It is a pity that wet market is not as popular as like before. Despite there are a number of empty stalls, you will still be able to get what you want.

They look more fresh than those pack in the packet in the supermarket.

As you are buying grocery from wet market, please remember to bring a long your cash, they do not accept paywave or give you link point.

This is so old days that has never change before. I love it!

Health is number one concern in our country, so people will tend to look out for healthier choice than get themselves int…

Where did the post go?

Oh man, just a few blogs away, I (the daddy) mentioned that there will be a frequent update on the blog, but sadly, this turns out to be 'empty talks'.

It is sad that things turn out this way, but this time around, I will start blogging a bit here and there.

Just stay tuned for more tho (if there are any active readers).

I cannot be bothered with how many views or any traffic to this blog. If you happened to drop by here, hey, don't be shy. Just drop a little hello, Okie?

If I did not reply to you, it can only mean: I am super 'dao'. Haha.

Fret not, just blame on the email system, it did not reach out to be at all.

Alright alright.

The first thing I would like to share with you will be......


Cut the story short.

The era of business is about buying each other now. They will eventually be bigger or the weaker company will just... becoming weaker. You cannot blame them. They are not weak in terms of their system, it is just financial or they prefer to have big…

Lifehack - Pick a lock for your home

Just a few days ago, I had learned something new in my life.

This is a good hack, especially for the home.

Consider this is illegal, but if I can save a life, why not?

My daughter accidentally locked the door from inside, thinking someone is in the room. The aircon and air diffuser are running in there because wifey is sick and needed to rest. Therefore, I decided to make the room cosy for her first.

I decided not to blame her for a long period of time as I am trying to keep myself cool - of course, she was reprimanded for a short while.

We cannot find the keys because I remembered that I accidentally place it in the cupboard inside the room.

Knowing that the door was locked, there are 2 options for me.
- call my locksmith friend
- or pick a lock myself.

Understand that this is not a difficult lock, I decided to do it myself so I can save some buck.

Since I watched such video before, this is the time to get into practice.

The initial stage:
Tried using a credit card or a thin card is …

Long long time

Hello there!

It had been exactly 2 years since I last update this blog.

I have thought this blog may go into a stage of no return, but I am afraid not.

This area is going to be updated, as soon as I am free.

I will be sharing more and more stuff if I manage to see something interesting.

These 2 years have been very tough.

The two monsters are now in Primary school and they are coping very well.

As a parent, I must be careful on my writing because too much information may bring danger to the kids.

Ever since my last blog features my renovation, I happened to notice that there are quite a number of picture frame being build up for their lovely home nest.

If this idea came from my blog, I really appreciate that. Give credit lah, if there is.

Since this is 2018 and now it is the year of the dog, I would like to say a big Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone.

The most important is kinship and health.

Without these two, everything is nothing at all.

Let me share my health situation with you.

I am dia…

Contractor and supplier for sharing

On the previous post, hubby had mentioned that he will share all the information that The Ongies had engaged the services for house renovation. That goes as well as for the items they had bought from.

The Ongies is only sharing the information they engaged before. So far, there is no big issue during the period of renovation till moving. Everything went very smooth. The cost may fluctuate, hence, it may not be the cheapest, so you have to do your own research as well.

Interior Designer house:
Charrisa from Hottoh Design

( A friendly and nice designer who will help you all the way during the renovation. She loves owner to be involved too )

The design of the kitchen.
Coordinate the entire project that includes kitchen cabinets, plastering, hacking, tiling, windows, top hung windows, sliding door for kitchen/ toilets, vinyl flooring, and plumber.
They have efficient contractors to work with them.

Curtain and blinds:
Desmond from Brix and Junior