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Hong Kong Trip Part 2

Hong Kong Trip Part 1

The temperature was 13 degree when they reached Hong Kong. Obviously hubby was very excited over the weather, being a person who is not so afraid of cold because of his fats.

The rest of the Ongies were covered well from the cold wind. The only person who walked around without the windbreaker and the bermuda - hubby.

As technology grows, it is hard to have a phone without a data plan sim card, even though you are overseas. Subscribing to your local telcom for data roaming will cost you approximately $15 per day. It is quite a sum of money if you are staying for more than 3 days.

All thanks to Google search, wifey found some relevant information; their own group of friends also recommended this telco in HK. - 1O1O

When you disembark from the plane, proceed to check out as usual. Before heading out of airport, do remember to go one level up, and proceed to F column (as seen from the image). That's where you can get the data sim card from. The friendly customer …

Hong Kong Trip Part 1

Thanks for the long wait.

It is not easy to sit down and start blogging right away when work just pile up high. Hubby require to process the photos before uploading to his flickr account.

After a long decision, he decided to watermark all his images here.

Going for a oversea trip is not as easy as ABC, especially when you are going with elderly and the kids. The planning and execution were done remarkably by wifey. Hadn't for her, this trip will not exist at all.

It had been a long time since everyone go overseas, let alone talking about the trip with Cait and Clar.

Cait seem easier to bring because she had grown up, but the food is going to give them a bad headache. Whereas for Clar, being hungry always, will not have problem filling up her tummy.

Both of them have their own negative points, but The Ongies ensured that everything must go smooth and well.

The parents, had been thinking of HongKong since the day they started watching HK drama. They were fascinated with the culture,…