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Favorite Young Living Oil by Hubby

Hubby had been facing enormous stress lately, especially at night, when there are times he cannot sleep throughout at night with weird dreams running wild.

Too many negative thoughts slipped into his mind and he simply cannot think straight, or rather, he is attracting too many negative elements around him. 

Such fear and worrisome might bring misfortune to him and the family and he told himself that enough is enough, bang and throw the negative thoughts away and stay focus positively.

When wifey passed him a set of oils to try, he again, hold his breathe and wondering how can an oil help him out - as the matter of fact, it did worked.

Truthfully, Young Living oil is not a magic oil that helps to change wonders in your life. It is your own believe and thoughts that change everything.

Oil helps to stimulate your brain cell and force your thoughts into bigger picture for better understanding. You can simply apply on your brain stems, behind your ear or even diffuse it - it is ideally t…

Young Living EO RDT method for heel and tendon pain

Having difficulty and being in pain while standing and walking is one of the most terrible feeling hubby had to endure.

While standing the pain will be lessen but that does not make walking any easier.

Hubby encountered this excruciating pain before, it will come out of the blue and last for weeks. Hence, he decided to do further research online on what type of pain this was, what causes it. The result - Achilles Tendon Inflammation.

Hubby had these 2 type of pain as shown above. The pain that was near the ankle, back heel, was due to achilles tendon, while the pain that was localised at the bottom of the foot was plantar fasciitis.

Such pain is often caused by improper foot wear and long distance walk without knowing you have had already injured the tendon, there will be no warning sign. And in hubby case, excess weight added to the pressure and increased the pain.

There are only a few thing you can do when facing this terrible pain.

Ignore it, grit your teeth and hobble around. See a…

SG50 Picnic at Istana

The first picnic of 2015 that The Ongies had attended is proudly organised by Families for life and President's Office.

On the 3rd of Jan 2015 (Saturday), Istana had opened up for member of public to head up in for fun activities. The Ongies managed to get their package free via online registeration.

The day started with gloomy weather and entering to Istana is at 3pm. Long queues are expected as they have to do routine check and scanning of individual visitors.

It took merely 45min to reach to the scanning point, followed by a long trail of walk to the top.

Despite the long distance walk, it is a gradual slope upwards which may take up to 10min, depending on individual stamina.

Loud music can be heard from far, and there are 2 colored balloons leading the people to event area.

Upon reaching the top, there is a nice big green patch of grass in front of them.  There are small bouncing castle for the kids to play, kicking of balls to the goal post, Milo truck, ice cream/ coffee truc…

New year, new task

The Ongies would like to wish everyone a Happy 2015 New Year!
This will be a busy and tiring year because there are quite a number of things to accomplish.
What will be new task The Ongies would to look forward to?
Hubby would like to share more informative to all readers which may benefits to a lot, also with kids up growing period.
Therefore, do look out for more on The Ongies's blog.