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Cait went out with mummy and been carried by celebrity

Wifey went out with Cait to meet other mummies at Jack Place for lunch before they head down to Quartz, one of the mummies home, for swimming session!

Sensed that Cait felt left out, so wifey decided to let her swim for 5min only. Cait is still having a little flu. She feel ok even after the swim.

Cait sleeping soundly

Jac and her daughter

Kris and Audrey


Happy to see each other

Chit chatting

Cait suddenly woke up!

Quartz Condo

Nice pool

Cait is playing on land..

Smiling to mummy

She is thinking why she cannot get into the water

Here she goes!



SO many babies ard

Sly look of Cait

Happily playing together

Together as one

All babies enjoying

Cait want to hug

Now both of them want to get hug

Both of them together

Cait still want huggies

Opening her arm so wide

Cait secretly looking at the cammy

Oh.. Cait going to box?

Hahaha.. no no.. Cait is gracious, she wun anyhow

Playing the toys

Both of them still playing

Nadia grabbing Cait arm

Cait shaking real hard!

Cait SIAM!

After the swim, wifey brough…

Playful Cait of the day

Cait preparing to go out for breakfast with hubby and wifey

Anticipating look

Happy Cait

Her wonderful foot on the stroller

She cried very loud and pitiful till she is perspiring!

Blowing bubble due to her flu

Cry till eyes swollen and red

Poor Cait

She have a long and thick mucus in her nose! Lucky wifey bought the mucus sucker as that help Cait to feel relieve after sucking it out.

And now... time for home studio shoot!

Studio shoot

Playing around with toys ard her

Her highness seat

After the shoot, it's her bathing time!

Cait enjoying bathing.. see how she enjoy water dripping down on her?

Nice... beauty

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