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Trip to Navy Open House

After a long break from blog, the author finally have the time to pen down the story since 1 week ago.

Remember that hubby won 7 tickets to "Songs of the Sea" at Sentosa? Though they are not able to attend this event, at least there's a Genting trip up! It is not just hubby, wifey and Cait, but with 16 more family members!

At least it is still Family Bonding! Agree?

As there are too many photos to link up, you can view the rest of the photos here.

It is on one of the weekend that they went to Changi Naval Base for Navy Open House.
Though Cait is still young for these but it is the first time that they went to such Open House together!
Hubby is looking forward to Army Open House and such events in near future.

It is good to let the kids have wide knowledge on Singapore Defense Force.

In the bus

At Naval Base

By surprise, they met Levene and Marie at CNB!

Surprisingly they met Xander there!

Hey, you guys going on sea?

Life jacket with wifey and Cait

Singapore Armed Forces Milita…

Been a week!

Just a blink with your eyes and wow! 1 week had passed so fast! That is incredible!
As the author of this blog had went back to camp to serve his national duties, so this blog will going very slowly recently.

Nevertheless, more story will be up soon!

As for now, hubby was extremely happy to receive 7 tickets to "Songs of the Sea" at Sentosa! The rule for this free tickets is valid on 29th May only.

A pity that hubby with the rest of the relatives will be heading up to Genting Highland over the weekend.
Wondering how he won it?

Read here!

All thanks to Nuffnang who make this happen!
It is the first time that both hubby and wifey went up to the Nuffnang office, and they are extremely excited. Sad that they did not take a group photos! shy tho...

Ok, at least there's pic of this to show that they were there!

Nuffnang office!

Happy Winner for "Songs of the Sea"

Though they are unable to make it to the event, hence the tickets had been passed on to hubby's sister who will…

Cait is so hardworking...

What is Cait up to tho?

What has Cait been up to?

Less wordings, more photos and videos to share.

These photos are taken way weeks before by mom.

What a beautiful pose, Cait

Must be wondering why mom kept snapping non stop

Is the posing very sexy?

That's her most comfortable way!

Checking out

Yes? What again?

As hubby saw the Pooh Bear clothing, he attempt to put the head cover on Cait and she does look adorable! Wifey quickly made her wear that despite her being very unhappy. Anyway, the clothing is pretty thick and Cait is feeling very uncomfortable.

She simply hate this clothing as wifey made her wear 2 layer of clothing!

Luckily it still fit her! She can wear up to Genting!

Cool Cait with the spect!

Trying to be stylo milo!

Look straight, Cait

Adorable huh?

Her talking

And she like the switch to be turn on

Cait walk!

Take cover!

That's how she is at home.. busy huh?

She love to rally... haha look at her driving skill!

Cait dash and wanted her to stand

Tiring Cait... She have no strength to walk anymore

Look at Cait walking despite her having je…

Wifey 2nd year being a mom

This is the 2nd time that wifey is enjoying being a mother. It was so different last year as Cait is still a lil baby whereas now.... Rather hard to explain! But to them, it is fun and laughter with lots of tiredness.
Hubby had no idea what to give wifey a present for Mother's Day.

He end up came home with a surprise after a short quarrel in the early part of the day.
Guess that he didn't buy anything for mom tho. He is saving up to buy something for her later on.

He went to Icing room to buy this cake from Jurong Point after a trip to Hello shop. He didn't personalise the cake as time is running out.

So, what is the present that he bought for wifey? Guess....

Mother Day's cake

From Icing Room

Look yummy

Wifey took a pic of lil Cait the princess.

Posing on floor?

Model shoot for her?

Still wondering what is the present? Some of you may have already knew it!

Yes, hubby bought wifey a 3Gs iPhone! Naturally, wifey is loving the phone each and everyday. When Cait grow up, she can…