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Water weekend for the kids

The Ongies would like to thanks their friend, JS, who brought them to HP Water Fiesta on Saturday. The venue is located at Sengkang sport complex, starting around 10am.

Entry fee is only $2; the good bag actually worth more than that. It come along with a water gun, HP water bottle and a meal too!

 It had been a long time since both hubby and wifey went to swimming pool. For the kids, this is their second time! They quite amazed with the new design layout at Sengkang sport complex. There is a sheltered swimming pool!

Hubby was very impressed because this is the first time they step into SK swimming pool. And the overall design is so nice and beautiful.

It is not easy to hoax Cait to get into the pool because she is afraid and kept on clinging onto hubby like polar bear.

For Clar, she did not enter pool despite wearing the swimming suit. Wifey had not recovered from her injured ankle, therefore, it is advisable for her to get into the pool.

It took Cait a long while to get used to it, …

Back to school for Clar and it is not easy

After a break for four days, Clar is back to school again, but she required to get used all over again.

Despite making noise in the car when hubby sending the two girls to school, Clar still obliged on what the teachers told her to do. e.g. health check.

As she was making some comment "I want mummy", Cait told Clar to keep quiet; "mummy had injured leg, cannot come with us. Sh... Clar, Sh!!!"

Repeating for 3 times, Cait felt emotional and started the nonsense with Clar. Yes, the 5min journey via car is like 20min of tortured. Both cried all the way to the school, and hubby quickly pushed them in and get out of the place.

Cait, being the elder sister, had been in the school for so long, still need either parent to sit down on the chair, so that she can sit on the lap while doing the health check. Recently, hubby did not obliged to her and insisted her to sit on the chair herself.

She cried and whining.

But the teacher tried her best to comfort Cait while doing the h…

The false alarm

Clar had been sick since Friday, having high fever and loss of appetite. The initial thought was: Hand Food Mouth Disease. They also worried that Cait had gotten it too, because she had an ulcer near her throat.

She gurgle with salt water  at night; next day she is feeling a lot better despite the small amount of pain. Hubby felt that both girl might have heaty body; ate a lot of junk heaty food recently.

On Sunday night, they decided to bring Clar to KKH because they found some red dots in her mouth. But there are too many people in the hospital, approximately waiting time is estimated 2hr, and that is just the first part.

Without hesitation, they head for Mount A instead.

There are fewer people as compared to KKH. Speed was a lot faster.

Doctor examined Clar and confirmed that she gotten it as viral fever, and not HFMD. So he suggested for blood and urine test.

After an hour of wait for blood test result, Clar did not urine at all. The urine test might have up more than an hour. So …

UPicnic outing

2 weeks back at Marina Barrage, Ufamily by NTUC had organised a wonderful event: Upicnic.

There are a lot of families and friends who registered themselves to this event. Apparently, this is the first time The Ongies decided to join the fun. As usual, the kids are excited, especially Cait.

Registration started at 4.30pm, and free car park lots had been filled up. The only parking area will be Area 2B. There will be a sign shown along the road; quite a long journey tho.

For those who remembered, this car park was right next to a long stretch of low building. If hubby can remember, it seem like a restaurant.

Cranky Cait wanted to be hug

There's another queue after you have registered yourself, which is the free goodies collection point. When the crew saw a family, they will suggest either the father or mother to go out of the queue and wait. But the Ongies decided not to, just in case either one wanted each other.

Long queue to start with

Queuing up for free goodies

This is the fir…

Hubby and wifey BKK getaway Part 4

The final day - returning to Singapore and see the two monsters!

Their flight is 4pm, so they still have time for a quick shopping!

Lonely pool. No one seem to be using them.

Thanks to the friendly staff who took this photo!

Wifey was saying that she did not have time to look for accessories. So they decided to go back to Platinum mall again, for the third day!

She was extremely happy and crazy over the accessories hanging on the wall!

Safari theme!

Happy man - gotten another set of Marvel tees for himself and friends!

The MK restaurant where they had eaten on day one.

Sky walk

Rem, when you come down from the stair turn back immediately, and you be able to see small route.

When they got back the hotel, they requested for 30min more before checking out. By right, the check out time is 12pm, but they managed to get at 12.30pm instead.

Again, the concierge help them to flag a cab and help them to agree on the money.

Mad rush in the morning,so they agreed on the price from hotel to air…