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Why I go to wet market?

Location: Yuhua Place, Jurong East Ave 1, BLk 347

I have not been here for more than 10 times despite coming here during my school days after my Saturday ECA session.

(Forgotten to take photo)

Good food that I ate:
Sungei laksa - Top Singapore food - If you love light gravy, this is it. If not, this is not for you.
Carrot cake/ Chee Cheong Fun - I like hot food, yummy.
Peng Kuey - If you like Soon Kuey and Peng Kuey, this is the place you should try it.

It is a pity that wet market is not as popular as like before. Despite there are a number of empty stalls, you will still be able to get what you want.

They look more fresh than those pack in the packet in the supermarket.

As you are buying grocery from wet market, please remember to bring a long your cash, they do not accept paywave or give you link point.

This is so old days that has never change before. I love it!

Health is number one concern in our country, so people will tend to look out for healthier choice than get themselves int…

Where did the post go?

Oh man, just a few blogs away, I (the daddy) mentioned that there will be a frequent update on the blog, but sadly, this turns out to be 'empty talks'.

It is sad that things turn out this way, but this time around, I will start blogging a bit here and there.

Just stay tuned for more tho (if there are any active readers).

I cannot be bothered with how many views or any traffic to this blog. If you happened to drop by here, hey, don't be shy. Just drop a little hello, Okie?

If I did not reply to you, it can only mean: I am super 'dao'. Haha.

Fret not, just blame on the email system, it did not reach out to be at all.

Alright alright.

The first thing I would like to share with you will be......


Cut the story short.

The era of business is about buying each other now. They will eventually be bigger or the weaker company will just... becoming weaker. You cannot blame them. They are not weak in terms of their system, it is just financial or they prefer to have big…