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Cait to praying to Great Grand Parent

It had been a while since Cait pray to great grandparents in temple. On Sunday, everyone head up to Toa Payoh ancestral hall for praying.

On Tuesday, it is the 15th day of 7th month Ghost Festival, but a lot of people prefer to head up during weekend instead. Although it is 11am plus, but there are still a lot of people crowding over the urn and ancestral tablet hall. This is the only time you will see lots of people moving everywhere in the temple, especially the urn area.

While waiting for hubby and dad to get things organise, mom decided to put Cait in the trolley! Cait is happy and excited!

Her new... stroller?

She like it, don't she?

Trying to grab hold of the handle

She is cheeky! She wanted to control the handler!


Camera detected! Time to pose!

Playing around with can drink

Green Tea for Cait.. But it is not open at all

Trying to get out?

Having said that, it is time to bring her to great grand ah gong tablet. She might not remember anything but the photo is the answe…

Home photo of Cait

It's been a while since Cait had her photo snapped at home!

Cait eating bread quietly

Wow, ain't such pic resemble in the 80s? The pose and the color.

Smiling to the camera

Ah? What a sweet expression from her.

Time for bread!

Eating the bread while sitting down on her favourite pinky chair.


And here some video of Cait recently! Take note of her talking at the chair!

Cait resemble her daddy?

What are the things that Cait resemble hubby a lot?
Quite a few, huh!

Cait and hubby love to lie on floor rolling.
When Cait is on floor lying, she love to hide her lower body underneath the chair! That is what hubby did when he is young!
Cait suddenly lie on the kitchen floor recently! That's what hubby wanted to do last time!
Cait love to take a spoon and the saucer to make some tapping noise. While hubby love to take 2 sticks to play as he have a huge wild imagination!
Yesterday, Cait open the cabinet and took 3 packets of chrysanthemum tea to the floor, took the straws out from the packet and started playing with it. When she is done playing, she attempted to close the cabinet door but the door was stuck! It was because the packet of drinks are in the way! She whine... Thus, hubby told Cait that it is impossible for her to close the door now and he pointed to the ground!

Cait thought that hubby is going to scold her so she ran and stood aside looking innocently. Hubby putting lots o…

Sensible Cait

Cait had been extremely talkative recently with her so-call funny baby language...
Lots of unknown languages she had been saying non stop. The only word they can understand are: Ah boy, bu yao (don't want), no more and wei.  Earlier on, Cait suddenly shouted Hello!

It seem that Cait is getting more and more sensible. When she dirtied the floor, she will go to kitchen, grab the rag and clean it! One day, while she is sitting on top of hubby tummy playing, she point the milk bottle upside down and the water kept flowing out on hubby's singlet. Knowing that, she went to kitchen and pass hubby the rag! Hubby was touched and of course laughed at her silliness.

Cait knew that the study room is totally out of bound for her. Hence, seeing the gate is left opened, she went ahead attempting to sneak in. Hubby dashes over but Cait help to close the gate instead!

Apart from being sensible, she does have a strong determination!

This morning, she was playing with light switch in bedroom. The sw…

Story of Cait - Behind the gate

It seem fun to give interesting and funny captions to make up a story on Cait.
Today, she was roaming around the house and hubby started to snap few photos of her.

When she reached the forbidden gate (study room), she grumble and cried!

She know the area is prohibited due to electrical cables and lots of dangerous items around. But, she still insist to go in and mess around. That's why she is so excited when she is in the room!

What's up, dad?

Clap clap!

Hey dad.. are you in the cage or am I?

Ha.... laughing Cait

Cait.. I 'can't see' you...

Whose calling?

Kneeling down?

Cheering Cait

Daddy... I want to disturb your dry cabinet....


Mighty power!

Going off!