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Cait is learning well

Cait is getting lovely and adorable each time hubby and wifey look at her. She love to get a lot of attention from others. But this gotta be one of the saddest part for all mothers who are working. Just when baby is getting lovely and nice to play with, mothers have to return back to their workplace.

They have no choice at all because without job, there's basically no income in the family. Wifey have to return back to work on Wednesday (which is tomorrow). But she still have her 1 month maternity leave unclaim yet, which she will utilise it when hubby is heading up to Australia for 1 month training.

This morning, Cait learnt how to flip slowly and steadily! It take times for her to learn. Other babies had learnt how to flip is because they frequently sleep with their chest on the ground. That gave them a lot of support.

Been busybody of Cait, she just cannot stop looking around with her unsteady neck. She will either nod or shake her head when she tried to balance it. It is quite fu…

Cait received her 1st passport!

Cait just received her new passport today!

Wifey submitted to ICA immediately on Tuesday after hubby had done the necessary adjustment on the photo after he shot it in the morning. It will take about 4 working days.

Baby passport photo is not as strict as adult because ICA understand that it is not easy to take photo of the baby. According to the customer service office of ICA, Cait passport need to change 6mths later as baby feature will keep on changing. By then, there will be a charge of $70.

The nice CSO also told wifey that it is best to make full use of the passport then keeping it, you will waste the $70.

Only until when Cait is 5 years old, then she do not need to change the passport regularly as the face feature will remain for years.

Wifey read online that on Sat its strictly by appontinment and when you arrive at your appointed timing, you'll be served and there is less waiting time. True enough when they arrived before 1115am appointment time, took Queue number and within …

Diary of Cait

What will happen when the diaper had been dropped in the washing machine? Do not be surprise at all, the diaper appear intact after all! Just that the cotton had been washed away! Hubby dad was doing laundry when he notice there were a lot of white furs on the clothing and thought that it had been caused by the tissue until he took this familiar short out. Thought what was it until he approached wifey! Oh dear... It is Cait's diaper! Washed along with the adult clothing for past 30min +!

Diaper that accidentally drop in the washing machine and washed with the clothing!

Still intact, but all the cotton... GONE!

See? How clear!

Transulcent diaper!

Oh... Cait like Goofy too?

So... Goofy attempt to kiss her

Apparently.... she felt that...

she want to beat GOOFY!

Ouch! Goofy been slap!

Mean while.. poohie came along

Posing with Cait in pic

NO matter what... Cait felt threatened...

Because all of them came along!

She is scared!

Oh No!!!

According to mom, Cait look exactly the same as her dad in this p…

Do you write to your kid?

This interesting when hubby's friend told him over in a chatroom today. Click here to read more.

So, how often will you do this to your love ones, especially your kid. Apparently, hubby's friend wrote the letter while chatting with him and he will give it to his girl when the time is right. Why not start now? Basically, it does not take a lot of time after all.

Cait is getting good recently and began to make a lot of sound, and of course, nice to play with already.

It was a nice cooling night yesterday, but mom suddenly off the fan and that made Cait to sweat a lot when hubby and wifey went to the room and check on her. They do not dare to on the fan as Cait will fall sick easily. So, right after wiping off the sweat slowly, hubby went to living room and open the top window to allow wind to flow in. Cait began to feel comfy as the wind is pretty cooling and because of that, she slept the whole night FOR THE FIRST TIME! Ok, let's not say so much and hope she will continue th…
As Cait's favourite Yao Lan had failed, hubby and wifey decided to get her a new one. According to Cheong Choon lady boss, Polar is a better brand as they been using it outside their shop daily from 12pm till 8pm.

Initially, both of them thought of sending that ibaby yao lan motor for servicing, but it will cost around $50+/- and total waiting time is 2 weeks. The lady boss is very nice, they offered to loan hubby their ibaby motor for them to use for the period when it is under servicing. After few min of thought, wifey decided to get the Polar motor instead.

Even when the motor had been repair, it might not be 100% guarantee to work as brand new. If they are to sell it, the get back cash is only enough to cover the cost of repairing. So, they also decided to pass the motor to the lady boss since it is more useful for them in case of any customer wanted to use it as substitute.

Baby Cait sleeping position. She is learning to use the bolster

Look how sound asleep she is!

Zzz... morning…