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Cait and Clar misc

When jie jie jie not at home
This is how Clar behave when her jie jie is not at home disturbing her. Apparently, she often get sayang but in the stronger touch.

Clar playing with Pooh bear

Looking at it innocently

Peek a boo from Clar?

Cait spilled it

Naughty Cait was playing the bottle and then... everything spilled out. She need to learn not to be so busybody by dismantling the things she is holding on hand.

Done by Cait. She had the top up mini spilled on the floor

Trying to help out if she can.

In Paragon
While waiting for the queue at M1 shop, they brought the girls for a change of diaper and milk session in baby room.

Hubby and Cait in the baby room taking pic together.

Clar seem to know that she is looking at herself. Vain pot? She just couldn't stop looking at it.

Walk along the train track

On the last day of the closure for the train track, hubby decided and must bring The Ongies there. No doubt the authorities claimed to stay open till end of month from Bukit Timah to rifle range, hubby feared that the track along the Bukit Timah till Teck whye will be affected. Hence, the walk is on!

The walk on track had been confirmed 1 month ago, but due to many unforeseen circumstances, they have to postphone it again and again. Finally, on that beautiful Sunday after a hard day out, they decided to go despite Cait just woke up.

To make things simple, they took a cab to railway mall; walk down from there to home. At least the home is just 100m away from the track.

Walking along the train track is an experience for them. They will never have such moment in near future. Best yet, without the train.

Cait has been a sweet girl since the start of the walk. But being a kid, she goes tired easily, especially the walk is not easy at all. Rocks are all over, and that make the road surface…