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Even more stuff to buy this time round!

Though most of the stuff were given by others, there's still stuff that hubby and wifey had to get and much beforehand. Wifey is now on 6th month pregnancy and in 1-2 month times, wifey will be more tiring to walk around getting all the things before she give birth. So with mom, hubby and wifey, they head to bugis OG for shopping and ended up buying lots of caitlyne little items.

They were glad that they approached one of the saleslady regarding the Avent sterilizer. Initially of getting a set of 5 bottles (2x 4oz and 3 x 9oz) costing $46, and they ended up saving that! They wanted to get the brand TollyJoy sterilizer as it is much cheaper around $60, been told by cousin's wife, and it can match with different milk bottles brand as well. The nice saleslady told hubby and wifey that Avent also able to mix with other brand of milk bottles and there's no fix point for the milk bottle to hang on. Though it is costly from this Avent, but it worth the $170 because it is made from…

Misc updates

Baby Caitlyne had been so naughty recently as she had been punching real hard in mommy tummy. Wifey felt more tired recently because her tummy is stretching a lot and having so much pain in the lower back and it like a spasm. Every step she took was so painful especailly when she tried to get out from the bed. It could be baby caitlyne pressed on one of the nerver that cause such painful moment on wifey.

No doubt wifey is now 6th month, still, some will say that they do not believe at all. According to mom saying, in next 1-2 months, wifey tummy will be even bigger.

Wifey at 6th month pregnancy and the top is given by cousin.

Happy wifey under the harsh sunlight when hubby is doing photoshoot.

In about 4 more months, baby caitlyne is coming to the world. How interesting that how life gonna change for both hubby and wifey. More money need to be spend on baby but it worth it. By then, both hubby and mommy will not have a good time having meals and sleep. How ironic it can be.

notti notti

Dearest lil one been so notti recently. Or to be exact, she been trying to do some stretching. Mommy tried to disturb her by poking her own tummy, and she retaliate! Each time mommy did, she returned back by poking. Mommy told hubby that she is the one who really wanted to win so much. Hubby laughed.

The report shown that everything is fine.

Weird.. hmmm

Wifey just came back from her gynae visit and as usual, the whole session was like 5min or less. First Doctor will say "Hi.. How's everything. Lets a look" Then Doc will measure Blood Pressure of Wifey and say "Come lets take a look. Lie Down" Then he will say "Here's baby head.. baby heart beat.. good.. everything normal" Then its the end of the session. Haha Wifey's Mom in Law was trying to supress her laughter that each session is so short and the Doctor always talk to little.

Doctor also confirmed from the TMC detailed scan results that WIfey and Hubby will be expecting a baby girl. Wifey asked if will deliver early or late for first time pregnancy and Doctor said about 80% will deliver 1-2weeks early and 20% will deliver 1-2weeks later. So hopefully the lil one can be born in that 80% early group.

Also.. the weird thing is Wifey took her weight at home and realised she is 60kg. Before the pregnancy she was almost 60-63kg and with the morn…

2nd visit to TMC for detail scan

The detail scan went well and lil one is very cooperative by moving to let everyone see the heart, fingers, brain, thigh and arm bones. All are well when the doc want to check the gender. After spending 10min to determine the gender, the doc finally relieved to say it's a gal. Look like lil one is very shy to open her leg. The wait is not long before wifey turn. Both hubby and wifey make a trip down to level 3 and pay for the parent craft course, which is actually held at AMK hub instead of the hospital itself. Weird tho.

The last Dr. talk will be at Singapore Chinese Girls School.

Hubby and wifey also found a small play pen, which is located beside the counter. They do sell but the pricing is unknown. The in charge came and told us about, and her name is Mrs Wong, whom the one we booked for the parent craft session. The course will start on 7th Feb, every Saturday 4.30pm - 6.30pm.

Whole thing took just about an hr. Hubby and wifey had to hop on a van before getting their car as it h…

Thanks a lot!

Wifey at 20th week pregnant. Can only be seen clearly when she wore tight fit clothing.

Smile, wifey!


Hubby want to thanks both of his cousin who gave them so many baby items today. Hubby and wifey did save up so much after looking through all the things they gotten from!

Thing they given:

The Mini electric pumper for pregnancy mommy. Given by my cousin as she cannot use them at all. The price is $193! Brand new! Lucky them but hubby felt embarrass taking so many of it!

The inside look of the pumper

The 1st batch of clothing given by my cousin. There are so many of them too, like outing and home type. Ranges from cardigans to tee and dresses!

The 3 boxes were given by another cousin, whom the sister of the one given us the clothing. It is all brand new items and she can't use them at all. It cost around 60+ and above!

The cutesy dresses for new born baby.

Look! So CUTE! The material is very soft too!

Another set of baby girl clothing given by cousin. Really need to thanks him! Look, ther…

Name Game

Recently Wifey and Hubby are considering some names for lil one because Hubby's Mom keeps calling lil one "xiao jian kang" (little healthy one) and the name is getting stuck to lil one! So Wifey and Hubby have to act fast and decide on a name that sounds nice, matches Ong, and hopefully have some meaning to it.

Also, they read in some pregnancy books that baby's ear bones fully harden at about 5mths in gestation, and that is when baby start to be able to hear things, and some babies even kick or get startled by sudden noises or thunder! So naming and starting to call the baby early may have some effects such as when baby is born, he/she may be able to recognise parents' voices and the sound of his/her name. Lol

Wifey and Hubby initially like Ashley, then they came up with variations Ashleigh, Ashlin, Ashley, and lastly Ashlyn but somehow it didn't really register with Wifey and Hubby as it didn't sound smooth when calling her.

Then Hubby said he didnt want …

Greedy and notti lil one

Is lil one getting naughty recently? Wifey had been feeling ticklish in her and suspected that lil one been playing non stop, and sometime with punching feel too.

When wifey neighbour had buffet at workplace, there's a kick feeling in her as if telling wifey to go check out the food. So, is lil one greedy like her dad?

Hubby will make sure that lil one will not follow like hubby because he admitted for ben glutton and lazy. Healthy and do more exercise is a must. In 2 weeks time, both hubby and wifey will be heading to TMC for detail scan and that's when they will find a nice English name for lil one despite knowing that it might be girl.

For Chinese speak, let's leave it to hubby parents. Choosing name is very important because with wrong selection, it will be disaster! For example of English name, knowing hubby surname is Ong, if lil one name start with S, isn't that become "S O" ? aka AssHole! So, "S" is out for English name.