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English teaching - who say it is so easy

The vomitting of blood begins It is nothing serious when the word blood had been shown on the heading. In fact, this is just an invisible action with strong descriptive motion.

How many parents had this sensation when they are talking to their kids, especially the teaching part.

There are tons of reasons why parents had to fork out money to get their kids teach by professiona. Because instead of teaching them, parents tend to lose patience and start to scold them non stop.

This might led the kids to hate study, but parents will not  know whether the kids are coping well in the learning center too. Unless they test on their own kids, if not it is just throwing your money in the drain when the kids are not concentrating in the class.

Tough training start today Yes, hubby do understand that Cait might be falling behind, but that does not means she might not be able to catch up soon.

There is no room to push blame why the kids are falling behind but to push them harder.

All thanks the b…

The conversation with kids

The conversation with the kids had grown more challenging these days.

The answer and reaction was stunning because it was not expected by the parents at all.

Wifey had to apologize because she forgotten to pass Clar the items to school, but her reply was totally amazing.

She said: "never mind never mind, it is already over. it's ok."

Has the answer got you? Especially from a 4 year old kid?


Little wonders what is in her mind to say such a sentence that shocked The Ongies.

Perhaps the teacher really taught her very well?

For instance, when wifey was explaining about reading books in dark area to Cait, Clar stood out and said.

"If you read the book in the dark area, or watch too much TV, you get myopia! It's true!" she said.

Oh my god....

While Clar is smart at this point, Cait has her own as well.

She know that the dinner is not good, which explained why she has no appetite at all, and that include hubby too.

So he decided to ask them if the dinner…

Simple and happy celebrations

It is just few weeks apart for their birthday.

So Clar had her nice toys kitchen set from Kiddy Palace, it is about time Cait find hers.

To give fairness for both of them, they are allowed to choose toys that they like and parents will not choose for them except for the pricing and the usefulness.

Cait insisted her frisbee and a remote racing car. Hence, off to toy r us they went.

A simple celebration Clar is 4 and Cait is 6, and she is so excited to celebrate her birthday.

Even when Cait had requested to celebrate her birthday with friends, The Ongies had to push it away because of the venue constraint.

Knowing that she wanted that badly because of her good friends had hosted their birthday, The Ongies intended to do it on the later date, which is not confirmed yet. (It is hard to avoid not celebrating with friends)

So long they are together Clar, however, resembled hubby a lot, does not mind not having a big celebration. All she want is care and concern, and be a happy kid.

Hubby f…

Discipline kids properly is not an easy task

The tone of speech, reaction and action are followed closely.

They do not know what is right or wrong, so every parents should reflect on themselves before they started discipling on the kids.

If you are the one who is lazy and not doing anything, you cannot blame the kids for not helping out.

By screaming and shouting uncontrollably will allow the kids think that it is the right way to do it too.

Have them understand and educate them is necessary after disciplining.

Without doing it, things may be worsen.

If everyone stay under one roof, of course there is always a pros and cons thing.

Grandparents love to interfere with the disciplining of kids.This is somehow tough to deal with.

Until the day they started to realise that why the kids began all the ridiculous manners, they will start to reflect what they had done before.

Wifey recently just shared this well written post which is true in reality.

Teaching and disciplining is not an easy job, especially when the adult have to calm the…

Article #1 - A moldy situation

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A Moldy Situation

What thrives in a warm, moist and dark …