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Great brunch at Red Star

After sending mom to work, they decided to indulge themselves at Red Star Restaurant - a long time restaurant been operating since hubby was very young.

This is the first time dad went with them and they all have their fill and enjoy the food of dim sum. Cait, whom was skeptical to the food initially, also gave a try on certain food! As for Clar, needless to say about her.

She was making amuse of herself by screaming so loud in the restaurant; luckily the entire place are pretty noisy and crowded.

Hubby love the hor fun at Red Star because that's one of the best he ever ate it before. But of course, certain restaurant does have such standard too.

From disliking of chicken feet, he now love them so much that he do not mind having plates after plates.

Cait is quite obedient these few days, except being mischievous at times.

Clar sitting quietly and waiting for food

Here come the food! She look delighted!

The dishes just kept on coming.

Cait is enjoying the dim sum as well!

Seem lik…

Sick week

It had been a tough week.

Now, after Cait fallen sick, comes hubby, Clar, grand mom and then wifey. Let's hope everyone get well soon and say.. go away, virus!

Clar vomited a lot last night, but they were glad that most of the phelgm is out. On the other hand for Cait, it is the same for her too. As she did not control her mouth itchness on dessert, she vomited for the past 3 days.

Hubby is making sure Cait will not over eat the dessert which will cause her to feel even worse after consuming it. Right now, she is making a lot of improvement.

Today, wifey taught Cait to sound out when she want to pass urine or poo poo, because she did not wear any disaper at all. Surprisingly, she did what wifey had mentioned.

Even for lunch time, she also fed herself without other people help!

Clar, had been very naughty. She kept on clinging onto hubby for carrying! End up, she had been punished by him.

Placing her hand onto the sofa while standing, she is not allow to move away for 30secs. This …

The gift and temple celebration

Hubby had forgotten to take a photo portrait for Clar last weekend, hence there's no portrait uploaded. Nevertheless, this week there's one.

Last week, hubby and wifey brought the two girls out to pray at water loo street. It is not an easy task for them as there are a lot of people rushing in and out; furthermore with the hot incense dropping everywhere, which might hurt the two kids. Cait seem to be afraid.

So, after the praying session is done, they head up to OG after lunch. This was when Cait spotted her favourite pooh telephone. She insisted and stay persisted from the start. Hubby, however, persuaded her to get the other toys instead, but useless. He still gotten the telephone for her at the end, with further discount of 20%.

Cait is very happy with her new pooh bear telephone.

A smiling Cait with her fav pooh

A very icy look

Daddy trying to get the pooh out.

As Cait took the photo

A snap shot by Cait

Temple dinner celebration

Last Saturday, the Ongies went for temple ce…

Tough weeks

It had been a tough week for everyone; hoping the laze weekend will come soon.

Cait and Clar had been very good and naughty at the same time. While Cait often got beaten up by parents because of bullying Clar; at the same time, Clar also deserve it. If only both of them can sit down quietly. But been too quiet can be scary too.

Just like yesterday, perhaps Cait was still feeling sleepy after her nap; she tend to be very naughty. She went to bite Clar finger hardly until Cait had been reprimanded and punished severely.

Other than that, things are fine.

Today (Sunday), hubby took Clar out alone for the very first time, while letting the rest of the family members rest at home when Cait is still sleeping.

To make things fair, hubby also brought Cait out to play at the playground. She was getting more and more tired while on the way back home. Amazingly, hubby spent 2hrs plus with Cait alone in IMM. But things did not goes well; ... hubby need to use the toilet urgently. (up to your own i…

Week by Week - Cait and Clar

They had grown up very fast

The nice steam boat

It's a beautiful Saturday morning/ noon when they arrived at Js's house for steamboat session. As everybody have 2 kids now, most of the food had been pre cooked to prevent long waiting time while cooking.

Eventually, it is all the kids that are having a lot of fun! Thanks to the playground slide that brought a lot of happiness! Despite Cait being very shy in the past, she seem to warm up quickly this time. She also has a lot of fun with Jin Feng too! These two had been running round and round non stop - climbing and sliding down.

By getting nearer to 1pm, most of them are so tired and look like sleepy monster had just passed by.

As for Cait, she still preserve some energy tho...

Time was 7pm when they reached home; after heading some where else after the steamboat session.

Right now, the wifeys are discussing on the next gathering and what to do. It is going to be tiring and yet satisfying for weekly event. At least, Cait and Clar will knocked very soon when they reach home a…