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Fun day for the Ongies!

Hubby and wifey traveled all the way to Compass Point, Seng Kang to have breakfast at Swensen with 5 other mummies and daddies. It is fun to have breakfast with so many people and there were curious stare from other customers in the restaurant. Imagine there's 6 babies and 3 strollers! That really kinda block some passage way tho.

Breakfast at Swensen. Jam seem to enjoy her morning drink.

Hubby breakfast

Before the food came, Cait stated to fuss a little. She kept opening her mouth even though her last feeding was 1 hr ago. Jac also mentioned that Cait is faking and just want more attention! Which is so so true... As hubby was carrying Cait, he felt the warm sensation on his thigh and told wifey about it. Thought that when Cait pee, it made the diaper warm but no. She indeed pee on hubby bermuda! It leaked from the side due to improper positioning of diaper!

Cait started to fuss during the breakfast but she ended up fuss because she just want to!

While carrying her, she gave daddy a …

Move on

It prove Cait does have a lot of Ren Yuan because there are a lot of people like to look at her! It is a good sign though. Cait appetite had went up so hubby got to get a big tin of Dumex Mamex Gold for her. A pity that having Fabbie BM , Cait been vomitting which she might not get use to it.

Cait with her Dumex Mamex Gold.

Apparently, she finished that first tin very quickly!

Oh... she wan a bigger one. This one not shiok enough for her!

Hmm.. full of thought... but... what does baby really think?

Take cover! Cait!

Oh... she is there sleeping with all the pillows on.

To be frank, she is easily frighten. Kinda paper tiger as what both hubby and wifey think

Morning shoot with Cait before heading out to work

Next is wifey and Cait...

And for your information, Cait is not tiny. Wifey predict her weight goes up to near 5kg as she is really getting heavier!

Since hubby taken leave yesterday, they decided to go out to collect DVD from Jac before heading to the yummy roti prata shop. It was indeed…