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Breakfast at Burger King

Last weekend, hubby and wifey decided to bring Cait and Clar out for a good breakfast in town; the place is at Burger King, Central.

Cait thought that the place is Macdonald, hence kept on calling out until hubby had to kept on reminding her it is Burger King instead. The nice BK staff is nice, they gave the two girls a BK hat each. Cait is very excited over the hat, while Clar kept on pulling and throwing the hat around the   area.

The two girls kept on calling and shouting so loudly in the store as if they are in the world of their own. Even though there's people looking, hubby simply cannot bother about it at all. It is not easy to control the kids; the easiest will be beating but it will turn out a bad day for them.

It is hard and not easy to see the two kids having so much fun, thus the punishment does not come into their mind. Luckily there's another kid making a lot of noise as well, so it is not just the Ongies at all. 

Cait love the hashbrown a lot, especially from M…

Playground at West Coast Park

Cheeky Clar

Not easy to take a pic of Cait in MS

The next plan after Wild Wild Wet - Pinic at West Coast Park

Hence, The Ongies brought Cait there to view the area and have fun too. The place is pretty big and it is a great area for picnic and taking photos.

Adventurous Cait at West Coast Park

She wanted to try all obstacle.. with help

In the fire truck

Happy Cait

Shout shout... so the next area can be heard.

Cait like her cousin

It seem like Cait like her cousin, Zi Ting, so much! Because she had been asking for her cousin since morning till night time, and it goes on from 1-2 days. Given up on her, the Ongies decided to pay Zi Ting and the family a visit.

Instead of being happy, she felt so shy in front of her cousin. Soon and gradually, they enjoyed themselves at home.

On the other hand, Zi Ting also missed Cait a lot. So, was that coincidence?

At the same time, Cait had gone diaperless and surprisingly, she proven herself to everyone; she can endure the holding of urine. Just one accident happened, she was too happy seeing Zi Ting cousin, hence she peeped on the floor without knowingly.

She did performed very well on her toilet training, so that means the Ongies can start to save up on the diapers.

As for Clar, she always like to make a lot of noise, including screaming when sleeping in the middle of the night. That's because her pacifier dropped from her mouth. Further to that, she love to climb on…

Week by Week


Attending Jin Feng B day

Last weekend, The Ongies went to Wild Wild Wet for Jin Feng B'day celebration. Same as Cait, both of them had hold 3 celebrations! The latest news for Jin Feng is 5 celebration!

Clar getting ready.

Excited Cait

So, Cait is pretty excited because she get to see the cake and of course, eat it!

She does not want to eat anything at all

It was a hot sunny noon until the weather started to change for a good cause! Everyone thought that it will rain sooner or later, but it did not! Holding the smile on everyone face, especially the daddies, went ahead with the kids into the water battle!

Cait is an extremely careful girl. She will not dive in unless she know it is safe for her. Even asking her to sit down and play the water which is really shallow, she did shake her head and cried when hubby wanted to do that.

Bringing along her plane float, she felt proud, but yet very scare.

It took her a long time to warm up. By the end of the day, Cait wanted to try a lot of things, even though she …