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Searching for bed and meeting joy truck in IMM

It had been a busy weeks lately for The Ongies. There are so many things to talk about it.

Last Saturday, they went to IMM for some groceries shopping at Giant. After having their meal at Mac, hubby happened to saw a lot of people were taking the balloons!  This led to outdoor, and they quicken their pace like a typical Singaporean style - faster get into the queue first.

Apparently, this event is organised by Mediacorp Channel 8 - The Joy Truck!

The whole show is all about helping people, and if you want help out too, you can join in the game during the show is airing! But hubby only catch 1 or 2 times on TV.

Nevertheless, it is fun queuing up with the kids, getting the balloons and the goodies bag from the artistes.

Guo liang, despite his long sleeve shirt under the hot sun, kept his smiling always. He even asked to kiss Clar if she don't mind - alright Clar is shy away! Ha!

The Ongies were very lucky, they were the last 20 to get into queue! Hurray!

A new bed for the kids, an…

Staycation in MBS!

Family bonding time is very important - either you can go on holiday, or a staycation in hotel over the weekend. At least you do not require to pack up everything and go on the airplane.

This time, The Ongies set on MBS (Marina Bay Sands) for a staycation over the weekend. A great family bonding time without their grandparents around.

The kids were extremely happy, excited and kept jumping on the bed when they first entered the room. Meanwhile, there's NDP preview on Saturday, they will get to enjoy the fireworks too.

Both hubby and wifey had been to the town very often, so getting the food for the kids are not difficult at all. They just need to be extra careful because of the human traffic along Marina area.

Relaxing on bed with the bath robe

Balloons from race against racisim.

Leopard tank spotted.

Just in time to watch some preview and waiting for the fireworks at MBS. The girls were afraid of the sound, but the beautiful fireworks literally win them over and they kept asking …

Bottle tree dinner

Kinda missed this images during Father's day celebration at Bottle Tree, Yishun.

Seem like the food standard drop, they were quite disappointed.


Cait had a lot of fun because she wanted to catch the long gao fish. As she did not dare to enter,  hubby and wifey were the one who helped her to capture it. 

Thanks goodness, someone gave them a lot of fishes when they wanted to call off the day.

When hubby wanted to set free the fishes in the pond, Cait rejected and claimed that she wanted to bring home. After a long discussion with her in the car, she get the idea and decided to let hubby and wifey to set the fishes free.

The Ongies decided to let go the fishes at the CC, nearby their house. Sadly, some of it had been eaten by the bigger fishes there.