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Time to warm up this blog again

The inactive of this blog does not means that The Ongies is not posting anymore. It is because there are a lot of problem arise recently. So hubby decided to take a leave from the blogging here.

Hubby recently decided to get into trading, hence setting up his own blog and share his journey; be it win or loss, he hope to have some readers who just started up and learn the mistake he gone through.

Wifey had been busy preparing essential oil for the kids and adult when they fall sick. This is to prevent them from taking so many medications as they are made from chemical.

Hubby would like to share the knowledge of the oils he had been using, which he find it is very useful.

On the other hand for Cait, she had gone through the eye check up in school and the result is acceptable! Both eyes are 6/7.5, which is acceptable stage. It is important not to let her watch too much or TV, especially when it is night time when all the lights are off.

She can simply sit on the sofa and got herself gl…