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Cait had her haircut today!

Wifey suppose to end her confinement yesterday, but she ended up bathing with herbs today again as been told by aunts that today will be the final day instead. But she have to continue her confinement food for another 12 days, as everyone kept saying it is 40 days. Wondering why some confinement agency require 28 days instead.

And also, Cait had her haircut today! She was scare initially but soon getting use to it. Cutting all the hairs symbolise 'clean' and a good start of life!

Early morning still with her hair on.

Looking cute

Gosh, what kinda pose is that?

Look so hip hopper and all the golds on her!


Cream on her face because of the rashes. One last look before she turn botak.

Start shaving Cait head

She is scare initially but gradually she felt comfortable with the noise from the shaver

Shave off the eye brow

Steady hand is needed too..

This area is the most important part as it is very soft and everyone had to be careful with it. The skull is not fully develop, hence the reas…

Last day of confinement

Finally! The last day of confinement arrive and of course, she is so happy and going to clean up nicely!

For baby Cait, she been so fussy until everyone know about her pattern. Just like when feeding her and at the same time she cry, it could due to the heat, and now, change of diapers! She will stop crying after the change of diapers, because it is clean, dry and comfy for her! She just cannot stand some dirt on her golden butt! Look like hubby will go broke very fast as she is so fussy on her diaper!

Often after the change, due to her urine, she will poo on the new one. How clever she can be, right?

Whenever everyone started to have their dinner, she will make noise and gain attention! After a while when hubby, wifey and mom were eating, someone came to the door for delivery of flowers and gift! After few min of guessing, mom finally knew who sent it! It was her friend, who own a jewellery shop at Tiong Bahru Plaza, and apparently, my mom always go there and buy gold from them. Thank y…


Wifey felt too tired as she got to make milk for Cait, while mom feeding her, wifey continue her pumping. After a while, Cait make noise again etc... go on for almost every hour which really made wifey too tired. Same as mom too. Hubby snore non stop due to IPT and injury on ankle which he had to cripple all the way while walking.

Cait had too much of posing recently and had a shot of her yesterday night. Photo will be up later tonight.

Time fly so fast as this Friday, lots of people will be dropping by to look at Cait! Big occasion and Ong family would like to say thank you everyone for your time!

Cooling weather, finally.

Finally the rain come and made the entire day cooling and feeling good! That of course making Cait feeling comfortable too.

Trying to put on the headrest

So much of pattern from Cait

Cow horn? lol

Is she scare of light? Why she kinda blocking it?

Look at her leg, trying to support herself. hee

She just wun smile!

Woo... yawn!

Hubby will be home late on every Monday and Wednesday due to IPT in camp for a month, so wifey had to take care of Cait when mom went to work.

Diapers and wet tissue are running low without knowing, so they got to top up the stock real soon.