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The Special 19th

Wind back to 6 years ago, 19th Jan, it was the day hubby and wifey tied the knot together as one. It had been a long, sweet, tiring and happy years. But not to forget the 2 little monsters they have now.

Life is almost contented, hubby just need to focus and concentrate more on his career.

This is going to be the most memorable anniversary they ever had in the whole life. It is so special that the feeling is hard to describe it. If there's an explanatory, hubby would say it is the up and down emotion.

There's no plan for that day except the lunch, and hoping to go for shopping after that.

There's no movie to catch at all and they find it hard to go out together cluelessly.

Until then, a call from the phone that changes everything. Only hubby and wifey, along with Cait, will take their leave after the reunion lunch to hospital.

This person is very special to wifey - her mom, who is hospitalised and under observation for a day before she can go home.

The feeling seem mixe…

Philips Air Fryer - Great Purchase

They wanted to get this Air Fryer by Philips for the longest time ever. Fearing of space and the cost are one of the factor that set them back.

Good grief, the wait is over and the patience paid off!

Hubby had been seeing lots of bloggers talking about the review, so over here, he is not going to be another reviewer, but the way of getting the product a lot cheaper. It is no secret at all.

Wifey was talking to her friend on the new air fryer; she happened to go to Qoo10 and take a look at it. Saw that the deal is too good to be true and almost wanted to get it, but fearing that there will be someone at home to object it.

Hubby supported her decision and the next day, she was surprised to find that Qoo10 is giving out early bird discount for opnly 50 qty! You will get $10 off if you self collect the items yourself at Lucky Store, Transit Road.

In total, wifey only paid $299 for New Digital Air Fryer XL ,come along with 4 cans of New Moon items and $50 Capitaland voucher.

Redemption of …

Kids TV is navie, don't take it too hard

Kids TV is very navie and cute if you do not think so much about the content.

However, hubby being one of those parents that been forced to watch the show together, had a different perspective when he recently found out the interesting wild imagination from the creator.

Bubble Guppies

Apparently,the color and animation used are very nice and cute. That is the reason Cait simply love to watch this series.

One day, hubby sat down with the girls and watch together and found something illogical that he kept laughing by himself. Totally does not make sense to him, and he quickly told the wifey to watch it too.

What is the thing that amuse hubby? This is something the kids have not learn about it yet.

Guppies, live in the water. To adult, it is everything related to underwater world.

When hubby saw clouds, cars, lamp and everything on land were in the water, he rubbed his eyes and view it again. Oh gosh, this is quite misleading to the kids. Rather than explaining or pouring of cold water, …

A memory of the Lego story

Stumble upon this interesting article, hubby would like to share with you - grateful and hands on.

How to give your kids everything but a sense of entitlement

What you as a parent would like to give to your kids, or rather, how many?

When hubby read the part on Lego, his memory flashed back as a kid because he wanted the Lego pirate ship badly from the defunct Emporium. It was one of new model been launched for months and costing $100 is quite heavy for the parents to buy for him.

Therefore, all he can do is to visit the Emporium and admired the pirate ship from the shelves.

Even when hubby was not able to have that, he will not buy toys to both Cs uncontrollably. He wanted them to understand and appreciate of what they have, rather than nagging non stop till they get it.

Toys brings kids a lot of joy - wild imagination, role playing and think of script to talk.

Till date, even the two Cs love to mess around with the blocks - Lego, hubby feel very excited to build things with them, e…

Items to sell

There are some items that The Ongies would like to sell off. Since they do not have the needs, they decided to let it go.

If you are interested in any of the items, please feel free drop an email. Or, post on the comments.

Please spread around for those who really in need of it.

Here's the items:

Baby blue yaolan (stand) with baby blue and pink sarong net. Come with polar motor and springs
Graco stroller - $50

Cot mobile by Fisher Price (battery not required)