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Renovating the home Part 10

More photos to share!
As most of the dirty and noisy works had been completed, it is time to get low profile in case the neighbour still start screaming! (alright, let's be fair, you can't escape with loud noise because of renovation period, and let alone it is a maisonette!)

It was a busy day because there are a lot of people in the house doing their part - electricians, air con and plastering guys.

Electricians of 4 completed their task by 5 pm, while the plumber just came in at 3 pm to start their work.

Fortunately, the air con guys from Gain City had reinforcement by 4 pm because they cannot finish it on time as it is a system 5. Meaning to say, there are a lot of hacking and trunking to mount involved which take up a lot of times. It was 5.15pm when the compressor is up, and they required more people to help out from bottom. (It is not light at all)

Even though the day was chaotic, everyone managed to complete their work by 7 pm (light works)

On the other days, electrici…