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Time to get a twin stroller...

Ever since Clar had been punished by her aunt, hubby's sister, she seem to know:"That aunt can't be fun". Having hard to control her, the Ongies have to resort using:"Aunt is here!"

The next moment, Clar will be looking high and low, left and right if that aunt is really there. She will at least keep quiet for few mins.

Today, they went to search for twin stroller, because it is tiring carrying one when the other prefer to sit. It is better to have both of them seated, at least there are less worry when it is crowded.

Cait saw the stroller, mentioned in the shop that she does not like the single stroller, twin is better and good. But, as the color and the made is not to their liking, they did not get it from the shop at all.

The invented twin stroller for them. Poor girls have to squeeze in together.

Clar making a golden power finger?

The kids totally love the stroller and it is time to get one soon. It is such a peace when both the monsters are on the sea…

Clar the noisy monster is going to school

It had been a tiring weeks, days, hours and min since the last blog post.

But everything had been paid off - Cait is willing to take the neublizer, but need to stop because there's shortage of medicine.

The both girls had been doing very fine, just that Clar getting to know understand her food bud. She is willing to take in any food in the past, but not now. She began to be choosy and can be very whiny.

When she is unable to get the things she wanted, she will make the hell outta noise and making sure everyone gives in. Remember this, her screaming is not that soft at all; that literally irritate everyone off.

As the result, the mood is getting more and more tense.

Perhaps, Clar require more discipline; Cait wasn't like her before.

In a few weeks time, Clar will be put in the school, but in different class from Cait. While Cait is in Playgroup, Clar will be in toddler class. It is hard to take care of her, and by going to school, everyone is hoping she will learn things better…

Tiring weekend

It was indeed a crazy weekend, having dad, mom and wifey falling sick as if they are taking queues.
This time, the only standing alone to fight against the virus is hubby. But he seem to suffer some lack-of-sleep moment! He kept complaining that he did not sleep to the fullness.

Last Wednesday, hubby and wifey have to take Cait to Mount A to pay a visit at PD clinic when they received phone call from child care center that she is vomiting in school for the third time.

After the diagnosis from the PD, Cait have to use neublizer due to her chesty lung. The machine is not cheap, but they still decided to get it; rental is $10/ day. Cait have to take for 3 weeks, which is more than the cost of buying the machine.

After taking this for a few days, she seem much better now; less worried on her.

It is not easy-to-bring the two monster out on weekend. It can be extremely tiring, but all thanks to this, they willing to sit all the way until they were about to head to exit. Way to go!

During th…

Re cap of last week fun!

Look like this had been missed out.

Let's try to recap.

They went to Marina Square because wifey need to exchange some stuff from the shop, and happened to found out that there's Science fair around!

So Cait really excited, but she does not dare to play with it.

The only thing that attract her is this - coloring.

This suppose to work with another set of tiles , whereby using the paper graph as an example for building up.

Can you imagine that Cait insisting on putting the crayon back to the container? She find that it is SO messy, therefore, forbid the others to take it by covering her palm on it?

She did a wonderful job! Erm.. Hubby is the one who complete it actually..

Clar totally knocked out and taking a good rest..

Messing around with the gaming rig.

After Funan trip, hubby decided to head ECP - for a cool walk. Cait and Clar seem so excited because they have not been to here before.

The wind is so cold, luckily they had the sweater to cover their body. 

a little updates

As usual, busy. Hence the blog been ridiculously slow, therefore lesser video as well.

Nevertheless, there are some photos to share with you about the two girls recently.
Last week, Clar followed to pray her great grand father, located at Geylang. Cait is in school, so it is easy to move around.

Moving around, not feeling scare at all.

On Sunday, both girls have nothing better to do, so they decided to mess around with hubby new clothes which wifey had bought - Doreamon icon.

No face to see anyone?

Lovely smile from Cait


Princess Cait

Small adult

Aunty Cait

There's a relative gathering at Hougang, so everyone head up there and reached at 6pm plus when they originally started around 4pm. Not surprisingly, Clar does not seem to scare of anyone, instead she played with one of the jie jie over there, till Cait also join in the fun.

Cait been very shy and held back always, suddenly opened up herself when it is about the time to go home. Anyway, she have a lot of fun wit…