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There... she miss her walker

According to mom, she had to took these out in order to clean the area. Coincidentally, Cait seem to fall in love with her walker again!

She kept grumbling and whining non stop till mom gave up and let her play with it.

Perhaps Cait really love steering wheel because she seem so attracted to it!

Isn't it a bit funny and weird seeing Cait in a small walker with her leg in 45 degree angle while sitting down? This really brought some memories for wifey and hubby when Cait is few months old!

Cait seem like she wanna go back to her past! She love this walker a lot!

She know how to get into it all by herself!

Moving and moving

Cait love house work

Believe it or not, Cait really love doing house work. Is it the instinct of hers or she follow suit because mom and hubby always clear things up?

When they thought Cait is trying to make a mess, but she in fact, put back the things in order! For instance, she know where they usually placed the newspaper after reading it, she will automatically took the newspaper and place it there!

When she know it is time for gai gai, she will try to keep the place clean!

One day, hubby asked her to tidy up the place with instruction given, she did it flawlessly! He is touched and proud of Cait!

What a great girl they had!

Let's not forget one thing, Cait love this Magic Clean a lot!

Difficult for her

She going to have a hands of it!

Trying hard to make it clean

When she got scolded!

What happened when Cait had been scolded for dripping the ice cream all over the floor?

Ans: Sit one corner quietly and continue eating.

Need some evidence?
There you go:

No idea what she is so happy for

Checking her out eating ice cream

She is so obedient eating the ice cream quietly

And she is still enjoying


Well, she got scolded for dripping the ice cream all over, hence punishment is to sit there alone and continue eating it.

She do not care... she just carry on enjoying.

Mom was feeling a little sayang about Cait sitting there alone eating. But this is due to her punishment, thus mom have to be hard hearted. (Just a while)

And the good news to share...

So, Cait might not be able to celebrate her Birthday next day!

She can only celebrate with immediate family or during her Chinese Birthday date instead!

Reason is very simple!

The promotion of Cait: Sister!

Hubby and wifey are proud to say that while Cait had been promoted, they are now promoted to 2 kids parents!

It is going to be very tough for them as the expenses have to go up by next year. But, hubby is trying hard to get more jobs to earn more.

Hubby is a freelance photographer and he is currently doing a family leisure photo shoot! Interested parties can drop him an email.

Stress level will rise, but this is a great joy too!

Wifey had reached her 3 mth pregnancy and been to down syndrome detail scan last 2 weeks ago. Gender is unknown yet until 5th month scan. But he is hoping for a baby boy! By then, he can submit the report card as a joke by the fathers from Jameson and Levene.

Though health and safe are top priority, he is hoping for a boy still, but remain neutral.

It wasn&…

They were tired!

All thanks to hubby friendly neighbour and love for Cait. Whenever they are busy with things, the great neighbor always come to their recuse!

They call Lao Sim. They are indeed fans of Cait!

Today, only three of them were at home and they finally know Cait true colour! She is fast in running, good at climbing and love to play catching at home, this time, Lao Sim, got it from her!

They were extremely exhausted just by catching Cait!

It is miracle that The-Ongies have the energy to catch Cait since morning! It wasn't as she is really active and love to look at things.

Taking care of Cait require high energy. It is not an easy task also.

Having said, there are fun and laughter, sour and bitter at home by Cait. These are what: bring color to the home!

At least Cait is sensible enough. When she is at Lao Sim's home, she will take off her sandals and place it the side of the door before starting to plot the running strategy!

When Cait saw mom's tee is dirtied, she head up to kit…

R(A) moment for Cait

This will definitely bring up some laugh for everyone.

It was on Tuesday, hubby's sister's sister in law (Sharon) drop by for a visit and had a wonderful dinner with them.

Cait, as usual, was a little shy initially and began to warm up after a while.

Hubby was away from home picking up wifey from work.

According to mom, she said that Cait really know how to take care of guest. She kept on giving food to Sharon's son! How nice of her!

By the time everyone was home and relaxing, and Sharon's son need to change diaper, so he had his pant and diaper removed leaving it bare.

Cait, of course, was so amazed and stare blankly towards Sharon's son! Her mind is definitely lost and confused. Perhaps this is the first time she seeing someone older than changing diaper and wondering what is that in front for boys.

Seriously, that kodak moment look from Cait is so funny!

When hubby's bro in law asked Sharon's son to face opposite instead, whereby he is not facing to Cait

Cait enjoy eating ice cream

When ice cream fall on Cait hand, she will turn selfish and do not allow others to take it away from her. She will hold the ice cream high up with one hand and then use another to make a "no more" hand gesture! Isn't she so clever not to share her favourite dessert?

That happened when wifey was alone at home with Cait, but apparently, Cait behave differently in front of camera and hubby!

Here's the evidence!

Cait, you been spotted!

She look stunned!

Showing how to eat an ice cream?

What a lovely position she had!

Trying to pose for everyone

Continue to enjoy. Look at her mouth

The video:

Cait on Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, lots of people will be carrying lanterns walking on street or even in park. The darker, the better because of the candle light shine.

Hubby and wifey had their fun during this day in the past. There's only paper made lantern unlike today, most of the lantern are batteries operated. Of course, this is due to safety purposes.

From a paper made lantern in different color in standard shape to the colorful transparent plastic, this is how the lantern evolved since then. Having the candle in the lantern seem more fun, but you gotta be careful while handling that.

If you are careless, chances of getting the lantern burnt is extremely high.

While some kids prefer to take their candle lit or battery operated lantern, minority of the group will play with candles only. And, that will lead to massive fire which might cause some properties been damaged. That's what wifey love to do during her time. She will tend to burn up lots of things on the ground and the…
Cait indeed have the strength like hulk hogan! Perhaps it is due to her strong will power and strong determination mindset. This is no wonder she hardly cry out loud when she injured herself unless it is really painful.

For instance yesterday afternoon, hubby was happily bathing Cait and everything seem quite routine. From bathing to wiping, carry her to the room and get change. This time, no. While hubby was wiping her hair using the towel, just a second he held the towel up and prepare to cover Cait body, she lost her balance and got her cheek knock against the the toilet bowl edge.

It was a loud low frequency sound created and hubby faster shout out loud to get wifey's aid.

Cait was crying bitterly for just 30seconds! Hubby saw blood coming out from her mouth and he was very worried. From his top view, he thought Cait had injured her eye ball, but luckily, it wasn't.

As Marie taught them before, give sugar to Cait so that it will prevent her from getting ulcer. Of course, t…

Cait the cutie

When Cait know she had poo poo on her diapers, she either tend to stand still quietly or grab a new piece of diaper to her grandma.

Is Cait being too clever? Sometimes no one really know she poo poo until she kept making a lot of noise and irritate the others. So, they cannot scold her for making a mess while trying to take a diaper from the cupboard! The funniest things is that she know how to choose. 3 times in a row she gave to hubby with different brand of diapers from drypers to pampers! Oh dear, Cait know the high quality of diapers!

As Cait pull wifey hair today, wifey follow suit to let her know how painful it is. Of course, a gentle one.

For that, Cait felt angry and ignore wifey for a total of 30min. Wow, she is as petty as her daddy!

Hubby had been taking care of Cait a lot until she is so attached to him. Mom was saying that nowadays Cait always made a lot of noise when she bathe her. Until it is hubby, Cait will definitely keep quiet and have a lot of fun instead!

Of cour…

The funny about...

Truth had be known when wifey looked back in the past. She claimed that she was as naughty as like Cait! But that was around 5-8years old!

In fact, mom was asking why Cait was so energetic and so mischievous? She does not resemble hubby at all because he was way quiet back then. Mom always asked this: what kinda sperm do you have to make such a daughter? 

Today, hubby replied back to mom, it was wifey's egg that make Cait like that!

Apparently, wifey was as naughty as Cait is now. Imagine she and her younger brother can even jumped off from the double deck bed, touch the ceiling and fall on the floor?

Took knife and fight each other.

Run away from home to other people house when their granny shouted loudly for them to come home. Apparently, the whole block kinda know who were they.

By judging that, mom had a serious headache! That goes the same as hubby. It is unbelievable also.

It is a love and hate relationship to Cait. In fact, most parents are. When your kids do something sill…

Cait incident - Face Down

It was just few seconds away from Cait and she had herself face down to the floor!

She was sitting on the table at the height of knee level, probably she was turning and sitting too close to the edge and she kinda lost balance! By the way hubby looked at her, she had almost reach the floor with all the things fallen down with her as well.

This teach Cait a lesson for being mischievous and hoping that she will sit too near the edge again.

She was crying bitterly and luckily nothing serious happen to her. She was traumatized due to the floor and luckily it is not on dining table.

After few mins, she started smiling and dare to run too much in the living room.

Hubby was the only eye witness to this incident. That day, which was yesterday, she did not a smooth day at all. She kept falling down, getting her head knock on something or injured herself.

When mom asked about her fall, Cait reenact how she fall to her and wifey. Of course, she was standing on the floor instead of the table. Slo…

Slow weekend

A little long due for these photos.
Cait really love wearing adult shoes tho. This time, taking her dad dad's sport shoe.

That day, hubby went home for lunch during lunch hour. He felt great coming on for quick bite, play with Cait and see wifey. Bonding is getting strong indeed.

It seem like Cait like the sport shoe! Cushion huh!

Cait with hubby sport shoe looking outside at granny washing floor

She really enjoy adult shoe tho

Got found out!

Then she faster took off

When she is bored at home....

Last Saturday at mom's working place.

Mom's work place, where Cait come here almost every Saturday

She know how to open the door using the knob, but she have no strength now

Off to Marie's house

After which, hubby and wifey head to Marie house with a delicious Durian cake!

Durian cake which is very famous from Jane's cake shop at Jalan Kayu

A lot of rest from hubby and wifey as Cait have a playmate! But Cait can be a little selfish tho. Xander was looking at Cait innocently …