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Air Force Show 2011

They told Cait the day before and to their shock, she woke up at 6.15am; started making lot of noise! It seem that she know what is going on and what hubby and wifey meant by: Sleep early, because tomorrow is going to be a fun day!

It is not tough to bring Cait to such place, as compared to the past.

She sat in the stroller throughout, not wanting to make noise and observe all the wonderful air fighter jets, and artillery guns. The only part that Cait was shocked of: the arieal display. Which consists of the fighter jets after burner, underslung delivery for guardsmen from Chinook and many others.

Cait is unable to view them all because there are some parts that is blocked by the signboard and furthermore, she felt scared after the air fighter flew up in the sky. That is when she started scratching hubby eye lid!

It is a good experience for Cait to view such display. Last year, Cait had visited the Naval base, and this year; Air force. Next year: Army. Clar might be able to join in to…

Cait and Clar moment #5

Some photos to share of the both girls recently:

The lovely Cait and the loud Clar


Cait had been very obedient recently especially when consuming her medicine! In the past, making her to take the medicine is a torture for everyone. And now, she like it a lot.

Reason being is not addicted, but more for the sake of taking the sweet. When it is in her mouth, she will not bear to spit it out when the medicine is injected in, instead, she swallow the medicine followed by the sweet slowly!

When wifey mentioned "shoot shoot", she will get herself ready and wait for her favourite sweet.

The greeting

Till to date, Cait still greet wifey as dad dad, as hubby; as pa pa. It is strange that she does not want to call mama. Even guiding her to greet, ah gong, ah mah, papa, auntie .. she does not want to greet wifey as mummy. When she is in school and saw wifey standing outside coming to fetch her, Cait will inform the teacher immediately. Apparently, the teacher heard her say mummy. But in front of wifey, she keep mum to herself.

Cait is performing really well…

To grandma house

Heading up to hubby's grand ma house to surprise her. This time, with Clar along too.
Grandma was extremely happy, but hubby and wifey had to run some errands before heading up.

By the time they arrived the area, within 15min, mom started to say it is time to go home! Just as expected tho.

Cait had her bath there and she is so happy seeing everything is new and everywhere unfamiliar! Right when they reached home, both princesses just collapse on the bed resting.

Great grand granny with her lovely great grand childen

Cait is trying to sayang mei mei

Oh... what a shot taken!

Look at how Cait smile!

The improvement

Food at Jurong East is great and Cait was happy to go out that day!
They had breakfast cum lunch together on that day. The day is pretty hot and it is not easy to handle Cait at the back when they are finishing the food.

Overall, she did behave very well except for fighting the stroller against with her mei mei.

Waiting for food

Cait is shy, thus covered herself with the stroller cover.

Cait is covered while the small one is being fed and no where to rest.

Looking below and search for something.

Luckily Clar managed to finish the bottle

Clar and ah mah

Cait, Clar and grand ma sitting down

Candid shoot

Pulse reading

Pulse Reading

Doctor trying to get her pulse reading

It is not easy as Cait kep on moving non stop, thus the pulse reading is inaccurate.

As usual, the sweets appear in front of her

Anticipating the sweet to come!

The power of sweet

And during her nap time at home, Cait vomited a lot on bed that look like fountain when she puke. End up, covering half of her hair, body and arm…