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and the continue of misc photos of the girls

A small present that wifey bought for the kids.
Xmas head band!

All form Daiso that cost $2!

Wifey felt that the kids should understand the festive in Singapore. So she bought a hair band hat for them

The kids are Volkswagen car show room.

They are behaving pretty well when the rest went to view the cars. For Clar, she insisted the sales lady to carry her. And even requested her.

The kids have fun in the latest MPV by Volkswagen - Sharan

Cait like this car huh?

Happy Birthday to ye-ye!

Happy Birthday to daddy!

On hubby birthday, Cait was sick. Not that bad tho, but still able to go out!

They went to hubby ex company site - Star Vista

Emo look

Wifey also bought Cait a puzzle game - putting color beads on the plastic plate. Underneath of the plate, there will be colored paper, all you need to do is to ensure the plate fit well onto the shape of the diagram. This will indicate you where and what color to place.

As hubby got to work on Friday, he had to forgo going to esplanade with the…

East Coast Park and misc days of photo

The Ongies had been taking photos of the girls till they had lost count. So in this blog article, hubby decided to show everything about the girls, starting from the day - East Coast Park.

Right after the visit of Civil Defence Force, they went to East Coast Park for a walk.

Wifey suggested Singapore Road Safety Park.

Many of you should know about this park since young. Almost every school will send their students here for learning; you can be pedestrian, cyclists or even drivers. Everyone will hold a card for the policeman (NPCC) to sign or chop when you arrived at the designated point.

The first to complete will get something, but if you fail to maintain the safety on road, there will be a demerit points too!

The park is open 24hrs, it will only be closed when there's event going on for school.

Cait and Clar had fun walking along the road, seeing the small road sign and also the petrol kiosk station!

After the orientation in road safety park, it is time to hit the beach!

To hubb…