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Praying to ah gong, Cait's great grandpa

On Sunday morning, everyone head up to the temple in Geylang for praying to ah-gong, which hubby forgotten what's the occasion was all about.

Wifey was unable to attend due to her working timing on Sunday.

Cait did not hold herself back, instead, she kept "Wei wei wei" non stop to everyone in the ancestral hall, place where all the tablets are.

Relatives are, of course, delighted to see Cait tho. At least there's someone there to play with them! Tiring is inevitable, but surely happy!

To them, they make sure they have the praying session ends before 12 noon. No reason why, so hubby just follow.

Offering for grandpa

There are food and offering placed on table. Offering are the items that he will received later after they burn.

Setting up properly still

Cait still looking confused

She must be wondering what are the rest doing?

She does look very closely on what everyone is doing

Lighting up the joss sticks

3 joss sticks in total

Place where you had the joss stick placed.

The oppo…

Before heading out

On Saturday as well, just before heading out to hubby favourite makan place at Beo Crescent, Cait is kinda posing around and dressed up beautifully.

Hubby quickly grabbed his dSLR camera and started snapping away! More technical talk on it will fall under hubby's blog.

Don't you think she is getting prettier and cuter? But she sure does have an attitude!

Looking innocently


Looking in front

What a cute way of sitting down, Cait

Feeling sad, Cait?

Who called me?

Duhz... bluffed

Giving a speech?

Give who?

Whose hand is it?


Why are you holding my arm?

What a pic! This is amazing!

Does it taste nice anyway?

Trying to dance?


Why you hold me again?

Ok.. whatever


Playing herself


Apart from photos, this is what Cait did recently.
Hubby rested his head on her favourite Marie pinky chair, and Cait just grabbed his hair as if she have the strength to throw hubby head aside! That's incredible huh?

One day, mom was ironing the clothing and Cait wanted to touch it! Mom told her no! Wi…

Breakfast on last 2 Saturday

It had been ages since they last step in Tiong Bahru market and this time (actually last 2 Saturday away), head up there for a delicious breakfast with prawn mee + pork ribs, chiu kway and fish porridge!
Yummy, doesn't it?

Of course, Cait love the food as well; just like the rest of them.

Mom carrying Cait

Apparently, Cait is looking at the food.

'Mum mum' as she said... it means she wanted to eat.

There you go. The most irritating part while carrying her.

Center of Attraction stated on her tee.

She wanted to wipe her mouth? See that she is holding the Angel wipe.

Smiling Cait while mom wanted to get herself out of the frame. But she doesn't know that it is wide lens on this camera.

Clap clap, Cait

Ops. she is shy?!

Covering her face

What a cute expression of her.

She wanted another of clapping!