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Rest in peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

It is a grey day for nation wide today.

Dear founding father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, had passed on this morning.

Cait and Clar, being young, may not know who he is. Hence hubby told them, he is a very important person who build Singapore.

Again they asked, what is build.

Patiently replied.

Let's take the idea as lego. You have a plain flat piece, and you want to build something up. It can be anything, so long as it is sturdy and useful.

Hubby also told them. Without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, we will not be living in a comfortable house where everyone call it home.

He is a visionary.

Knowing how to get talent to build up Singapore together as one. The old guards are worth the respect.

Hubby and wifey was sadden to hear about the grieving news. But they believed, he is now able to meet his wife in the other world.

So much of hardwork he had done for the nation, he also gotten a lot of negative remarks under his rule, which is inevitable.

No one is satisfied at all.

You have to stay st…

Clar 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday to Clar.
The lovely, joyful, noisy and loud daughter ever. 
May you be cheerful and healthy always. 

The Ongies had her pre birthday cake yesterday and today, she had 2 more! In school and home seperately.

This time, due to timing allowance, The Ongies decided to get the cake from Prima D instead. Apparently, this 2kg cake was well received! The kids and teachers managed to finish the entire cake!

It was a relieved, because hubby was worried that there might be a lot of left over. But the kids literally had 2nd helping after the yummy cake taste.

Yeah, for all you know, The Ongies is over dosed with sweet cake tasting now.

There are more cakes to eat soon!

Update later with some images. =)

Story by Caitlyne

While heading back home, Caitlyne had a little story to share in the car.

Finding it interesting and she finally made a pretty presentable story telling, hubby decided to jot it down nonetheless.

Hope all of you like it.

A story 

Once upon a time, there are 3 friends: diamond, crystal and circle.
They are good friends and always play together.
One day, diamond fall sick and cannot play with crystal and circle.
Then the next day, crystal also fall sick and that left circle only.
So circle think and think.
Ah... I got an idea... why not I rub the lamp to get the magic out.
Rub the lamp, rub the lamp.
Make my friends all not sick.
And woo woo... 
All of them are not sick already and they can play together.

The End

Hubby is hoping to hear more stories from Caitlyne so that he can share it out to all readers.

Love the way they are

A very good article shared by wifey.

Do read it if you have the time:

Cherish the Little Years by The Chirping Moms

The article is beautifully written.

Mesmerising the days when they were in your arms, sleeping soundly. Now they grown up, having their own ideas and things that they want.

They are no longer the one sitting on the tiny plastic or wooden chair waiting for food while banging the table with the utensils. Those noise are nothing to compare to now. Gone the days of baby talk. =0)

Years passes so quickly. Were those days just yesterday?

It is hard to imagine how everyone gone through that stage.

Nevertheless, parents gone through a lot by testing their patience, knowing more nursery ryhmes and how to tackle using kiddos language.

Try doing that now, you will get face palm from your kid who is 6 years old now.

Years maybe long, but it is shorter when everyone look back.

Very soon, lovingly Cait will be entering another stage of her life - academic.

It is hard to imagine what s…