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She did the ear piercing with courage

In order to look nice and stay pretty, Clar had been pestering wifey that she wanted an earring like her sister, Cait.

On contrary, Cait have her first earring when she is only a few months old, and Clar have it when she is 3. She wasn't the type that can sit still and she love to grab anything when she was a baby, hence the thought of not giving her the earring in the first place.

She know the consequences that piercing is painful, but she still want to go ahead.

Since she know what she wants, The Ongies decided to bring her to grandmother's friend's goldsmith shop to do it.

She was given a choice of many earrings to choose from, but she insisted only the love shape despite many persuaded her to get the bright and shining type.

The first pierce shocked her and she seem afraid to go for the 2nd shot.

By showing Cait's earring to her does help. She decided to put on her courage with the heavy heart to go for the 2nd shot, but only wanted wifey to carry her.

In less th…

Everyone birthday celebration for My First Skool

Parents and kids, have you ever attended or having birthday celebration in Mac?

It seem fun because there are so many things to eat and play. If hubby can remember correctly, there seem to have an indoor playground before.

The kids these days are so fortunate. They get to gain the experience of birthday celebration in Mac. There will be game activities, followed by cake cutting, fries, nuggets and drinks!


Off to the birthday celebration at Macdonald, Limbang SC!

And the birthday boy/ girl goes to.... EVERYONE!

The K1 and K2

Cait, is obviously very happy because her birthday is around the corner!

After missing school for 3 days due to high fever, Cait is so glad to join this party with her friends!

Although celebration is only for the short one hour, but it bring a lot of joys to the kids. Hubby was told that Cait does not want to leave even when the party is over!

In order to have more fun, wifey even bought a cake for the kids to enjoy too!

Look at the girls having fun with t…

4 year old Caitlyne have some nice photo works

Can't deny that Cait does have some photography skill! These are her shot when The Ongies attend a wedding lunch recently.

While she does not know about the setting on the camera, but she do have some great composition.

Since hubby forgotten to bring her camera, the old LX3 which had been entrusted to her, he decided to let her play with the Olympus XZ2 instead.

He was shocked when he saw the images taken by Cait. He nodded with great smile.

While hubby was busying eating the food, wifey chatting with old colleagues, he caught Cait doing selfie!

She turned the camera towards her and start snapping happily. These are the few hubby chosen from - nice and the bad.

She is learning fast. Maybe it is time to bring her out to do some shoot. She may discover her talent and might be even better than her daddy! =)

Happy Birthday Claryne. You are 3!

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Claryne,
Happy Birthday To You!!!

Happy birthday Claryne!
It's been 3 years with you in our lives. 
You've pushed our buttons and showed us we can be SO angry beyond our own imagination. 
This level was not 'unlocked' by your jiejie Cait yet. 
More importantly though, you've showed us how much we can love such a pesky little monster. 
Seeing your mischievous pretty little face we can never stay angry for long. 
You are so independent, assertive and sensible for your age and we are indeed blessed to have you as our baby.Love, Wifey
Clar has grown up a lot in these few years, surpassing her size and thoughts despite her age. Others may think that she is in the wrong class because of that.

One day, grandmother told hubby and wifey that Clar woke up in the middle of the night to change her own pants without waking her up. Grandmom was peeking at that point of time; Clar did not realised at all.

At the age of 3, …

Another great photobook collection!

This is going to be a yearly thing for Ongies - Photobook printing.

If you are looking for an affordable and good printing material, this Photobook will make a good choice.

Fret not if you are not a graphic designer or whatsoever, Photobook allows you to download the program, and there you go: just import the images to the layout as shown in the page.

Customising the size, layout and frame is possible. It depends on your creativity juice! It is fun!

Higher resolution will provide you better quality printing. If most of the images are from mobile, please do not have high expectation because the image quality is hard to beat a real camera! You what the Hubby is trying to say, do you?

Purchasing this at the special discount rate, Ongies only paid $4 for the shipping fee! Yes, you got it, it is $0.

If you have tons of photos to load it in, be sure to order more pages; try to go for hard cover instead.

Always look out for Groupon Deals, they do have incredible offers!

Using the mobile apps…