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3 families gathering

It had been a long time since the other Ong's and Sow's family meet up ever since Clar is born. Life is just getting busier everyday; with the kids, it is even harder to breathe. Not to forget - taking care of elders at home.

In order, Cait rank number 2 after Xander, then follow by Jin Feng.
Now, for the 2nd child for them, Clar rank number 1 after Xoan and JF's unborn younger brother.

In less than a month, JF's younger brother will be out; hence the steamboat session is organise.

A lovely gathering for the 3 families; time to organise more of it. They are planning for Science Center and Central Fire Station. This have to depend on hubby working schedule and also, Sow's family - getting ready to go hospital anytime soon!

As usual, Cait felt scare when they arrive, kept wanting hubby and wifey for hug; same goes for Clar. It took a while for them to get use to it tho.

Everyone knows Cait is very protective towards her own toys, so sharing will be a bit difficult. S…

Cait sing song with few songs together

She sung in Chinese:"祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐,Cha Cha Cha!"

This is what Cait sung yesterday morning! But, where does her cha cha come from? To think, she can mix few songs into 1 song and she is very proud of that!

She mixed: 泥娃娃,太阳公公,生日快乐,小蜜蜂

Although it sound funny, but it can be interesting tho.

She is a diligent girl and it is not easy to trick her. No doubt she wanted her way and very persistent; it proven that she is right. Now, looking at her on the second thought, you must not underestimate her because she have her reason by doing that, hence require a lot of thinking first; as if breaking some clue.

Just like yesterday, she spotted Clar was eating the under seat paper when no one saw it! Good grief, that chair is is dirty and it had been using for 10 years! Luckily she did not swallow it in down!

Clar ate this and was discovered by Cait!

And on Saturday... 

The yummy breakfast for Cait in the morning

She is very naughty and wifey put her on the punishment spot in front of alta…

Clar insecure; Cait disciplinary

Every night Clar tuck in soundly and she is able to sleep on her own through the whole night, without feeling any fear.

Recently, it seem that Clar is getting more and more insecure. She will make sure that any of her body part must be connected to wifey. E.g. her feet or palm must be  touching her mom, despite in the awkward position.

1-2 weeks back, she preferred to sleep facing down on wifey chest, so that she feel the security around her. She will start to cry if been put down on bed, even though it is just beside. Having cuddling is no use as well. 

Just like last night, she will wake up every hour because she did not feel secure.

One day, when hubby entered the room while talking to Clar, who is lying on the bed looking at the ceiling, she startled and trembled for a while until getting rest assured of it.

The second time is when Clar was beside hubby; he was playing his iphone and Clar was on her own until wifey came in and talk to him, and she got startled again.

It show that C…

The learning curves

It is never easy to bring up the kids, especially when they are growing up from infant stage.

From the stage of baby to toddler language, they will begin to express their thoughts and want their way if possible. It is nice to see that they begin to understand lots of things, but that also means that they are going to be very naughty because of their curiosity.

This is the stage that hubby and wifey are quite fearful; Cait is very picky on food and kept on expressing her on thoughts. She do talk a lot, but required lots of understanding. Only hubby and wifey will be able to understand.

While Cait can be very sweet by sharing her seat with hubby, taking care of others and being considerate, but she can be rude at times. She might not even know it is rude at times when the principal noticed that from Cait recently. Cait took things from others by snatching away.

Being concerned, the principal asked if she is behave this way at home; wifey explained that it might be either stress and gett…

Cait sleeping routine

This is something that can drive any parents crazy - waking up late during weekdays and very early on weekend!

Does Cait know that it is weekend, and she can go out early for shopping? Apparently this had been going on for quite sometimes! For weekdays, it is so hard to wake her up. By the time she bathed and start eating her porridge, hubby is already late for work. Hence, her granddad will be the one who bring her to school, despite rain or shine.

Hubby know that his dad will feel tired, especially rushing back home after work. Cait need to be in school by 9am latest, so hubby was hoping that he can send her to school instead.

Alternative way, engage a bus driver who can fetch the kids to school.

Accordance to the school, demand is pretty low as most of the kids stay nearby the school. Now, there's one parents who is in the same situation as them; finding for some help if possible. At least the bus driver can send and fetch them to fro school everyday.

At least mom can wait for …

Birthday celebration; Thoughtful Cait

A beautiful day for hubby on Tuesday - his birthday.

They went to Patissier at Mohd Sultan in the morning to purchase the cake, just in case it sold out by noon time. Glad that they were there pretty early; most of the cakes are still available. They had a long time choosing it, but also beware of alcohol and too much chocolate.

Cait will definitely love it because that is her weakness point of all. (It proven them wrong during night time)

After getting the cake, they went to Plaza Singapura for Japanese food, which hubby had been craving for a long time. Took the camera out; wife planning to take a shot, found out that SD card was not IN at all!

Hence, the best friend - iPhone camera! Kudos!

After the meal time, they head up to Parklane for his Birthday gift! That will be shown on hubby's blog.

Once everything is done, they went to Clementi to settle some other stuff. Wifey intended to bake a cake, but fearing of failure, she do not want to carry on with that idea.

But, hubby got…

The weekend The Thoughts

Ever since she started her new playgroup class in school due to promotion to another level, she was forced to throw away her pacifier away! It had been a week that Cait did not ask for that and willing to sleep without it at night! Hubby and wifey were so happy even though she did ask for it a few times.

They can see a new change from Cait, getting more and more talkative and mature in her age.

She know how to take care of her mei mei at home and been very caring in school towards her classmate. She tend to be the type that is mild but can be aggressive when times comes.

But she still is very picky on food. Wifey had been putting so much patience to make her to eat, all because Cait like fried and sweet food, but it must be in plain color. If she like that particular food, she will kept on eating non stop.

Cait wording is getting clearer each time she speaks, but it still sounded pretty funny when she is trying to find the words to fill it in. So far, she did correctly and getting …