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Obedient Cait in banquet

On the 2nd week of Nov, hubby and wifey went for hubby's ex coll wedding lunch for the first time with Cait!

She is very obedient most of the time except for the 20% being very cranky because she wanted to sleep badly. Nevertheless, hubby's ex coll were very happy to Cait after so many months from her 1 year old birthday party.

Cow girl?

Cheeky look!

Who calling?

Why does her posing must look like that

Charlene is v happy

Is Cait happy anyway?

Sweety Cait

(Fret not, Cait remain rightfully to Ongies for the rest of her life.)

Ex colls w Cait

Alex with Cait


It is a great day to bring Cait out for the wedding banquet. Thanks goodness that it is a lunch instead of dinner! Apparently, hubby had to attend the 2nd round for the dinner banquet! He was invited alone without Cait and wifey, fearing that they will be too tired.

Cait have her own thinking

They have no idea what to eat for dinner, so they end up going to Brinjai park for the delicious curry fish head.

Mom was extremely happy when Cait finally had her fill because she did not finish up the food for past 2 days. (And she agreed to go out for dinner instead!) It is quite unbelievable if Cait is growing tooth again.

Cait only insisted hubby to feed her and if anyone was to touch the bowl, she will grab the bowl forcefully and pass on her daddy! He have no choice but to feed her, but yesterday was like wise.

Instead of wanted hubby to feed her, she chose to feed herself instead. Much as hubby will be happy to see that, but Cait will definitely make a big mess on the floor. Furthermore, the food is too hot for her to consume.

The usual whining sound from her will explode when hubby took the bowl away from her. He took the cane out but Cait still show her palm to him! Of course, a gentle touch for Cait will make her feel pain, but she wasn't afraid at all.

at the coffeeshop…

Cait and her latest photo

It is a little too long, but nevertheless, this is Cait recently.

So, does Cait really want to sayang her meimei? Only till that day, the question will be answer.

Cait simply love to listen to wifey tummy, and then give a slap or kick on it! Obviously, meimei do feel something!

Cait hiding in the car boot

Looking out for traffic?

Anyone behind?


Calling for?

Hey hey!

And her funny center parting hair

Apparently, she thought that space is meant for batteries! It is for Wii remote tho.

She can hide all she want!

Hubby and Cait

Wifey and Cait

She wanted to feed herself 

That's how she look when she woke up.

Hubby's Birthday Part 2

It is the official Birthday for hubby and they are out shopping around in Suntec. It is time to look for food after hubby had returned the camera's items to his friend.

They were hungry but had no idea what to eat. Therefore, they stopped by Fei Cui, and had their meal in there. 20% discount for all dimsum  from 3pm-5pm. The food is great and marvelous except for the horfun they ordered.

Cait had been quite obedient in the restaurant and turn a little fussy till they were done. Cait is not the only one been making noise because there are another couple's baby did the same thing.

Cait and mummy at Fei Cui, Suntec

Hard to get Cait attention

Yummy food

Let's take a photo!

Look at both of them

Are you hungry?

Cait is busybody at that time

There are quite a lot of toys that hubby wanted to buy for Cait, but it seem like she is not interested at all. Fearing that most of the toys will turn white elephant. When hubby pass the Lego to her, she seem more interested because it is fu…