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Self confidence boast her dares

Self confidence
It is not the dare or truth game. It is the self confidence building, either by herself or with the parents support.

Cait was once a scary cat, like what Clar is now.

Over sometimes, perhaps age grows, her self confidence begin to build up. This is something The Ongies are so happy with, except for her food 'daring game'.

The dare
The Ongies went to a birthday party lately, children and parents are all over, but Cait does not seem to be afraid, nor did she try to hide away. Instead, she bring and show Clar around as an elder sister instinct.

She confidently went to a nail polish table booth and ask for fingernail polish.

When she is done, she queued up herself to another counter. Hubby does not know what she is queuing for until he realised it is for face painting.

A firm tone from hubby, asking if this is something she wanted to do it?

She nodded.

A min had passed, it is Cait's turn.

Comfortably sitting on chair, swinging both her legs front and back, sh…

Fun at The Rink

The Ongies had no regret bringing the girls to The Rink recently, despite umpteen times of begging and requesting for ice skating!

Since the opening of J Cube, Caitlyne had always been wanted to go ice skating, even though she did not know how.

The plan to bring them there kept on delaying again and again, fearing that they will make a fuss in the rink and wonder if they have the boot size for them - apparently, The Ongies is wrong to think that way.

So, wifey intend to bring them to iceskate for their brithday treats.

With a stroke of luck, hubby noticed from his mobile notification from Groupon - great discount to The Rink! Pricing is only $10 for an adult and $8 for child, usual price is $17.50 and $15.50 respectively.

Knowing that the kids will want to go to the Rink for the 2nd times, therefore hubby had bought an additional ticket for everyone! It is indeed a great offer not to be missed!

The Ongies suggested to bring the kids out during weekday because there will be …

Looking forward to another iLight

The Ongies will be very excited to go for another iLight 2015 if they are going to organise it again.

Wifey had been wanted to visit this installation. And that very night they went, is the final Saturday night before the whole event comes to an end. In conjunction, there was Earth Hour celebration happening at the floating platform.

The kids were so excited seeing the lights especially The Pool installation.

Since the installation were placed all over, the best parking area will be at Marina Bay Link Mall, which is $4 for the first 3hrs.

It was a long walk from MBLM all the way to floating platform and back.

During the time, there's an hour lights off to celebrate Earth Hour. This is the time whereby Cait and Clar will learn about saving electricity power because of global warming. Well, it may take sometimes for them to learn about it. This will be a good memory too.

It is definitely worth a trip down to MBS, enjoying the scenery despite the heavy human traffic. Ensuring the…

Birthday girl Caitlyne turned 5!

Growing up
Time is so hard to keep up with.

Now Caitlyne has just turned 5, in a year time plus, she will be entering another stage of life - Primary School. As a parents, they will soon feel the pressure.

She is still enjoying her childhood happily. Hubby and wifey started to put on a little pressure on her - learning phase.

The never ending testing patience limit from Caitlyne is not a joke. She seem to develop the rebellious attitude earlier than others.

Her mentality and way of talking seem to change recently, it could be for the better good.

Every year, Caitlyne get to celebrate her birthday in school. Therefore, without doubts, they approach Patty from Pat n Pastry again!

Cait requested something special this year -  a princess castle cake!

Since then, wifey had been busy looking high and low for the cake design over internet.

While there are quite a number of gorgeous castle cake design, hubby suggested that they should not go for fondant. He would prefer cream bec…

Our latest discovery to healthier living

Hubby has all while long been a fan of essential oil, especially the smell of it. So when wifey told him about this new essential oil product she came across online, called Young Living, he is a bit skeptical because he never knew that there were different grade of essential oil, plus he has not heard of essential oil improving your health. He only thought that it was purely aroma purposes. 

As there was so much positive review about YL essential oil, plus they had a close friend who was using the oil successfuly for her family, wifey decided to give it a try. However, she was apprehensive initially as Young Living is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) based company, she was not too keen on joining due to bad impression of MLM companies. But wifey realised YL is different, there is no high membership fee, nor is there a need to stock up few thousand dollers worth of products. You could join as a member for free, the catch being - you have to maintain a monthly purchase target of 100 pv (…