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Cait and Clar random blog

The long waited photos for the two princess of Ongies Family.

It had been a tough week for them, hence the updating is very slow. They will be blogging on Cait's condition as she had been admitted to hospital last week.

As for now, let's take some lighted mood by showing you their daily photos.

While at BHG, Clementi Mall

Lying down

Merry go round

Red Star Restaurant


Fussy eater Cait seem to reject most of the food on table. Not an easy day out too.

Communicate with newborn baby

Looking innocently

Is Cait trying to laugh?

Both of them looking at other baby gal

The 3 ladies

Cait wanna carry!

Baby gal, time for you to go home

Looking at something interesting?

School Outing - Water Front Park

Last Friday, the school brought the toddler and playgroup to Waterfront Park, Woodlands for picnic session!

The kids, as well as the teachers, are very excited and happy. It seem that they are finally taking an off to the playground and play!

Once they were there, everyone have to sit on the mat, started their biscuit before heading to the playground and play.
As Cait is a real picky eater, she purely consumed only Wang Wang biscuit!

For more photos - you can visit here.

Cait sitting beside the teacher quietly

Playground - Toddler make a move first

Teacher making the sandwich

Looking over at the toddler group

Play group kids quickly finish their food

Cait and Keyan

Kids going crazy with the park!

Cait seem to have some fun

She love the ride

Kite spotted

Her fav item of the day - Swing

She does not want to let go

Feel the texture which the teacher is teaching.

She wanted to copy what hubby did by lying on there. But she is scared.

Free at last!

Another fav item of the day - Slide!


Cait's intelligent - really no fight!

Cait's intelligent is pretty high.

Here's some scenario to share:

When hubby kinda scolded Cait for poo-ing on her pant; which she did not inform beforehand, Cait told him that:"I have no choice" in Mandarin. "我没有办法"

On Sunday morning, mom shouted that 快点,我没时间!Quickly, I have no time!
Then Cait did the parrot first, and reply:我没有空跟你玩. I have no time to play with you.
Mom immediately mentioned that after Cait responsed that! Cait just don't want to go bathe in the morning.

One day hubby's sister was choosing the color of the sofa material and Cait suddenly asked:"哪里买的?"Where did you get this from?

When she had been threatened with her pink bicycle to be given away, she will say it proudly that you can take it away. I do not like it.
Reason being - she know she had been threatened and this will no longer work on her!

Grandma asked Cait if she know what is "Zou Gang" and she replied: Work work. (She is right!)
And grandma told her t…

A week of viral around the house

This is not a good week for all since last weekend.


Wifey was down with flu, fever and cold; thus hubby had to alone battle against the kids. He lost terribly and became a bad mood monster because he simply find it so hard to press down Cait to sleep. In the end, she won by disturbing Clar nap and, for the straight 5 hrs hubby went on without a rest until night falls.


It was evening time and hubby brought Cait out for a walk at Lot One. Instead of driving up, he decided to go via public with her - LRT.

Cait had been a good girl to and fro Lot One and home. She did not make any nuisance noise in the LRT, but kept asking him some weird question/ or rather interrogating.

Why never hold the bar with 2 hand?  
Dad dad sit down.
Go where?
This is MRT.

Other than that, she had been good. To make the trip worth, hubby brought her from top floor to basement area - he just want to want and enjoy. As for Cait, she love waiting by the machine - even hubby did not bring any coins.

Hubby …