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Primary 1 registration secured

Primary 1 school registration has finally ended, except for those who have to go through the balloting for Phase 2C.

All the best to you.

The Ongies also would like to congrats Cait's friends who gotten into the school they wanted under before Phase 2C!

Cait has secured her seat in the new school at Bukit Panjang for Phase 2C. All 180 students had got in without fierce fight, there still 14 seats left for the school as MOE site has shown.

The Ongies chose the school not only because it is new, but because of the principal as well. She had great track records whom hubby 2 friends had worked along with the lady principal before.

she is willing to take up new challenge and a person with no nonsense attitude show her high level of discipline is top notch.

And also, because the school is the 'play based' learning, The Ongies have confident that Cait will definitely like the school very much as she is very much into this type of learning style. It will eventually be more and mor…