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Cait 4th month old tasting of food photos

The file size of the photos are extremely big and it took a long time to upload to hubby flickr account since last night.

As some error were found in the morning, hubby got to re upload the remaining photos!

Here you are...

Cait 4 month old photos...
Guess what is her favourite mum mum?

Fish prepared for Cait tasting

Lying down waiting patiently.

Ta-da! Is Cait pretty? Wearing everything new.

Part of the dishes: fish, drumstick and veggie

Ops.. she anticipating till she went hungry... apparently, she never finish e whole milk.

Full dishes on the table

Oh.. Cait looking at the food? Innocent huh?

Yawnz... when is it going to start?!!

Lil princess on her throne!

Looking at the feast happily

Checking of food?

Wifey feeding Cait with rice first

Trying slowly to let her taste it. Of course, do not let her eat it because she do not know how.

Still tasting the rice

Veggie turn!

Tasting carefully...

Mom preparing the other dish and pass to wifey

Where is Cait looking at?

Another veggie to taste

Cait is 4 month old today!

Cait is 4 month old today!

Mom woke her up early to get the things prepare so that hubby and wifey need not to take leave.
Simple dishes been prepared for Cait to taste and it stands some meaning for Cait.

Photos will be update tonight.

Cait seem extremely happy like as if she know something is going on!

From today onwards, Cait can start tasting soft food! This is interesting for her to try out different food. Next week, she will be starting on the cereal which wifey bought for her.

Pity that dad is not home to see the moment.

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Cait went to ION Orchard but fuss big time when she is abt to go home

Cait woke up at 3am and asking for milk terribly!
Wifey is in her lala dreamland, so hubby took over mom place to feed Cait as she is having some cough.

By surprise, Cait finished the milk within 10min! She suck too fast till there's no air in the teat! Cait went to sleep after her fast drinking session. Hubby had no idea how much mom had made, but Cait did not finish everything and left the remaining of 40ml. But wifey did woke up after that due to loud crying from Cait. But her job is clear the milk bottle, see Cait then back to lala dreamland.

In the morning, hubby and wifey left Cait at mom's workplace before they head to somewhere to nearby to get some stuff.

During the period, this is what mom shot....

Drunk? LOL

Why must she grinz till like that?

Hubby and wifey brought Cait to ION Orchard!

Happy wifey and cutesy fussy moment Cait

Why Cait look so innocent?

Wifey with Cait at ION Orchard

Hubby always took photos of wifey and Cait, which is one of the reason why he seldom appear…

Cait's photos update!

All photos taken by wifey and mom.

Mom brought Cait out to Yakun to meet her friend.

While the rest are enjoying the kopi/ teh, Cait looking at her milky!

Mom's friend carrying Cait

Cait in bumbo seat

Look stone

Supporting her neck

Another round of Cait on bumbo seat #1

Another round of Cait on bumbo seat #2

Mom brought Cait to neighbour house and look at her! Auntie was laughing and surprised that Cait does not really behave she is 3 month old. Interesting huh!

Cait in neighbour house. She does not look like a 3mth old baby!


Looking bored

And she play herself!



When mom is free, she will start snapping Cait non stop! Hubby had been blamed for not taking photos on Cait recently. Haha..

Mom took this pic..

Hello Feng Fei Fei Cait

What she want huh?

Playing around

Looking for something else?

Oh.. wanna rest?

And she look up.... for?

What an expression!

Oh well....

This is what Cait will look like when she have long hair! LOL

As you can see how angry Cait is!
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