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Peace and calming for the girls

Not an easy task to calm the kids It is not easy to calm down the girls when either one of them keeps on crying non stop or is making a lot of noise. Wifey had always been the one who is able to do that better. This is not an easy task, so to say.

Sound very tactical and with strategy if wifey is able to find their weak points. Mummy will always know the best.

Instead of scolding them or asking them to keep their mouths shut, which would only make matters worse, hubby had long ago started the "look at them" method. All he does is nothing but to look at them until they go tired, and willingly stop their tantrums. Then a debrief is done to understand what they were thinking and why they were wrong etc.

Yes, although the noise can trigger everyone's temper, hubby insists that this is the only best way, unless it is late at night.

 The more comments they say, the worse they can get it from the girls.
Peace and Calming  When the girls had quieten down, wifey will attempt to …

The Hardy Boys #1 collection

The Hardy Boys are the all time favorite books to most back in hubby schooling time. Remembered there's Nancy Drew, Three Investigator and etc...

Since young, hubby often went to the bookstore, pick up the books to read, but nothing can record down to his brain. He also rent books from the shop as well, he in the end buying them instead.

Well, hubby was not a novel lover until the recent years. He even got himself a Kindle, which he love it so much.

The touch of the books is still great. But the thoughts putting them on book shelve is going to give him a big headache.

While in the bookstore with wifey, hubby spotted The Hardy Boys #1! That is the one and only box set left, the rest are all #2.

Psst.... Hubby had never read them before...!

(For those who miss this books or being curious, go find it!)

Unlike wifey, she literally finished the books days after days in library when she was young.

There are quite a lot of novels that hubby need to keep up with.

It is never easy to kic…

Get your windscreen repair!

The Ongies would like to share with you!

Have your windscreen cracked and wanted to repair it? You can find Dr Glass for help!

It was unfortunate that hubby's windscreen had double impact by a huge stone while he is traveling below the SLE bridge from BKE.

The crack was pretty big when he saw it.

Hubby would like to save a lot of time and money - insurance claim, going to car workshop to get the windscreen done and also the solar film. Furthermore, the car left one year only.

He decided to ask around for help until someone recommended him Dr Glass.

You may go to Dr Glass site and take a look of his work. He is very patience and friendly too.

All you need to do is to add him as friend in Line or Whatsapps first, then send him the image for him to rectify before he can commit. 

The only thing you need to do is to park the car under shelter so that he is able to work carefully.

He will first examine the crack, explained to hubby when he was preparing his gadget to get the job done.