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New ultrasound photos

Wifey is having good rest at home now. Lie on bed like princess and not doing anything.

Anyway, hubby wanted to share the ultrasound photos that been taken recently.

5th visit to Gynae and everything is fine. Nothing much tho but it show that lil one really grows a lot bigger!

This ultrasound photo is taken after a week of 5th visit to gynae. Wifey found some dried blood thus both of us went to clinic immediately.

After the scan, everything is fine. But the lil one does not seem to be moving much, perhaps it is very tired. hee

And now, this is the ultrasound photos taken at TMC last month. Lil one scored high marks, healthy! :)

The moment doc scan, it turn out that lil one is facing downwards. What's lil one doing?

The doctor use the scanner to move it up and down, swerving left and right so that lil one can move the position upright. That's new to hubby tho.

This is to measure the lil one head where you can see the brain from top view.

This is to measure the lil one back neck to the…

Wifey bleed....

What made wifey felt so terrible these few days? KFC. She thought that she had great appetite, thus call for delivery and it ended up hubby ate the most. Which is one reason why every husband will grow fat, because pregnant woman just want to eat a few of everything and then, the rest will be hubby job to finish up.

As a result for oily KFC, wifey did not eat much yesterday. The whole day she ate fruits and plain porridge, but she still vomited.

In the middle of the night (this morning, to be exact), hubby had been woken up twice. 2.30am, wifey felt so hungry and wanted eat cereal. It was lucky that there's one and only cereal left. After eating that, hubby again woke up around near 4am. Wifey requested for ribena with 1 ice cube and panadol given by Dr Adrian.

Hubby went to work as usual since wifey is on leave today.

9.30am, hubby got a call from wifey and said that she bleed! According to her, the blood already dried up, and had no idea when it bleed. Could it be ribena? Hubby wen…

Gynae checkup #5

Since there's no scanner at home, ultrasound photos will be upload next week. As usual, the checkup is pretty fast and straightforward. For instance, Dr Adrian will inform you when to take the down syndrome test, fish oil tablet etc... when the period reach. That's made wifey felt so confident on him.

Lil one seem to be sleeping when scanning session been done. Spine bone and heartbeat can be seen clearly from the monitor screen. Both mom and hubby thought that if today check up can determine lil one gender, it will be a shopping day! Sad to say that Dr Adrian said that checking of gender will be known for next checkup visit. That will be 4 weeks later, which is 1 week later for this time round.

Initially, wifey thought that if not knowing of lil one gender, it can be quite mystery and fun till the due date. But thinking of preparation of clothing and many other small cute stuff, it is better to know in case everything is way too rushing. Hubby is anxious each and every moment, …

Lil one moves!

Lil one had been moving lately that wifey felt so ticklish! Just like today, while walking along some kids section, lil one tend to moves a lot as if lil one  know where we are now. That's how funny and interesting it is. Wifey appetite seem to be good lately as she kept on eating and craving for food. But sometimes, things can go wrong. Just like her soft drink bottle, which place on the shelf, dad told hubby not to buy so many! Hubby was stunned and of course mention that it my lil one wants! LOL.

Wifey also do not want to be like this but she simply can't control. Anyway, everyone understands. This Saturday will be the 5th visit to gynae! Will be collecting the report as well.

Hubby can't wait to start buying some small items. Hubby is one funny weirdo, because he scare of ticklish! Asked if lil one crawled to him and try to touch him, what will he do? He will simply hold the baby up immediately, and then put near to wifey. Hubby, no matter what will try all sort of ways…

The smell made wifey so uncomfortable

Everything was fine during the trip to Kusu Island last Saturday until when wifey had to climb up the stairs really slow. Lil one is getting heavier each and everyday, as for that, wifey got to move it slow and sturdy.

Until wifey reached the top of the hill to pray to Datuk, she felt so uncomfortable and wanted to vomit out! Hubby carry on to praying on her behalf as well.

The incense and some smoke smell burning kinda made wifey felt so uneasy. It is way too strong that wifey cannot control at all. So she got to sit by the stair case waiting for everyone to finish praying. Luckily wifey felt ok after that.

It seem like wifey appetite, or maybe lil one, like to eat some light food. Wifey can finish the whole bowl of rice with claypot bak kut teh soup! Wonderful!

Wifey also applied for Kiddy Palace discount card which will come in handy in future. She also bought herself a short which is meant for pregnant mommy. Look good and nice. Both hubby and wifey went to Marina Square yesterday and…

A day to TMC

Hubby and wifey went to TMC today for both the hospital tour (which they signed up at the information counter when they got there) and the NT scan.

Carpark is extremely small, but TMC do provide valet parking services. Fret not of where your car will be, because the valet will handle every single little thing. All you need to do is to follow instruction from the valet parker. Just remember to keep the receipt they gave, that is your pass to your car.

Hospital tour is available all days except Sunday and P.H. Timing will be both 11am and 2pm. As wifey had found out beforehand, she planned to go for the hospital tour at 11am before heading for scan at 12pm. Wifey also fill in the particular for FBI, First Born Incentive, which the membership last for 2 years and it entitle you for discount on hospital bills, doctor fee, baby checkup, scans, parental workshop, health screening for both parents and grandparents. Upon sign up the FBI, which cost $148 before 28 weeks, it include some of the …

Heading down to TMC tomorrow

Both hubby and wifey will be heading to TMC tomorrow for down syndrome scanning. They will be going around and do some visit around the area. Just to see if wifey is comfortable staying alone in private or 2 patients in a room.

More information will be blog tomorrow.

Hubby urge wifey to get some maternity dresses, jeans and clothes and she kinda outsize them already. Hubby also notice wifey tummy is really getting bigger tho but some might thought she is just putting on weight! Simple, while walking around BPP, one of the girl from citispa approach my wife for massage... Hubby kept laughing when wifey mumble to him that she is preggie, not fatty! Of course, the sales girl will not know at all since they did not tell her. Anyway, not offensive tho.

Somehow, it is funny that pregnant woman do really have some problem on remember things. Hubby cannot remember which but it is so funny that wifey say some wrong things and answer.

The best part, while hubby was watching "Dirty Job by Mike…

Craving for tom yum!

Wifey craved for steamboat yesterday and partly due to good weather, they decided on tom yum soup. So both hubby and wifey went to Sheng Siong to get some ingredient and tom yum stock cubes. Of course, parent also like it a lot tho it is just a normal simple meal. Next time, hubby will ask along his sis and bro in law to join for this simple meal. :)

Wifey craving for steamboat thus made tom yam steamboat for dinner!

Raw food to be dump in the pot

Ready for dinner!

After simple light dinner, they had watermelon and it tasted not bad. Glad that wifey enjoyed her meal so much and seriously speaking, hubby find the tom yum is really superb!

Wifey craving for chocolate!

Wifey crave for fondue thus bought a box of strawberry and hershey dark chocolate which can be use for baking.

Strawberry with hershey dark chocolate.

Also, with hubby bro-in-law method, she dip the sour cream potato chip and ate it. Tasted wonderful too. Of course, she took hubby small cookies cereal and try dipping it! Wooo! It's great!

Wifey trying to eat it with sour cream potato chip and it taste great!

Wifey with the small cereal cookie on hand which had been dipped with chocolate! Yes, it is very nice!

blog went live today

Thanks for dropping by here. This blog is officially link from hubby's blog.

As you can see, there's posting since last month which had been set up by hubby and wifey. Both of them would like to remember each every moment posted in here. Sweet. :)

pregnancy kit

3 months ago, while wifey was surfing Singapore Motherhood Forum, she noticed that someone posted for selling pregnancy test strip and it is very cheap! It is often use by clinic also, and furthermore, it is very reliable too.

There are 2 blog selling these.

You may go to MyJoy, MyBaby and Babydust order for it if you are interested. If not wrong, wifey got it from MyJoy, MyBaby, both hubby and wifey went to Jurong West for self collect.

Wifey tried quite a few on the strip and appeared negative until 1 month late, 2 lines were shown. Quite a number of girls actually got the strip from them too. The reason is way simple. Each clearblue test kit will cost you around $30+ and there's 2 of it in the package. By testing it monthly, the cost of spending will be way too high, hence the reason why the reliable strip come into picture. They are good and does not cost a lot if you had checked out the blog already. By having it to test umpteen times does not made you feel heartache at all.


ultrasound photos uploaded!

As hubby had promised before, he finally uploaded some photos.

Notice on each ultrasound scan photos, there's marking on it. It showed the length of the lil one and also determine how old is it. For the first 2 photos, you might not be able to see clearly so you got to click on it and view. The most obvious will be the 4th photo which it show how big it is! Magnificent tho. :)

Will continue to upload non stop as this is the memory of both hubby and wifey during the pregnancy period.

First visit to Gynae and that's our lil one in the pic. That's how small he or she is.

According to Dr Adrian, it is just 4 weeks.

You can view how many weeks it is at the bottom of the scanned image.

2nd visit to Gynae but hubby wasn't around.

He or She began to grow bigger from the first time.

3rd visit to Gynae. That's when heart beat been detect!

Both mom and wifey were so excited about it as this is the first time viewing through the computer!

4th visit to gynae and thats when he or she …

good mood

No idea why, but wifey felt good mood today! Of course it is good because hubby kept smiling non stop seeing wifey been so hyper today.

Hubby was talking to his good bro that the reason why the blog should not spell out earlier on is due to touching hand gesture on tummy, and that's how he got it and congrats. Apparently he said to hubby that one of his friend set up an account for the baby. How ironic tho. Maybe facebook will be cool as well! But hubby still prefer that blog is the best because it's not like making friend for now. Just blogging of life till when kids grow up and privacy meet.

He mentioned of one shot one kill, and to think hubby thought it is photography term! Ok, needless to explain so much, the best answer is: Yes. Whatever he imagine about it. Privacy remains.

Hubby will be scanning the ultrasound photo of the lil one tomorrow and he will be uploading the photos tomorrow night.

Pain and aching

As usual, wifey had been feeling nauseous since morning. But hubby was glad that she did managed to finish her ban mian for lunch.

Having no idea why, wifey had terrible feeling sensation at her tailbone. The pain is indescribable as if one of the nerves is pulling down real hard. If this carry on for a week, consulting Dr Adrian is a must.

Does that mean wifey should not try to drink soya bean milk? It seem like such situation (vomiting non stop) occurred same way like she had egg at Yakun. To play safe, avoid it. And yes, her vomiting became greenish like lime green and it's all the gastric acid.

Wednesday, wifey can rest well at home as she got full day working the next day.

Not to forget, when wifey felt the lil one move, she immediately asked hubby to feel it. As the lil one is in wifey tummy, hubby can hardly felt that whole movement but there's feel like muscle twitching. Though it felt weird but wifey will get to used to it.

Wifey did not celebrate her Birthday this year

Wifey was tired and felt so weak to go out with friends over weekend. The only thing she hoped is to rest a lot more. For that, there's no birthday celebration this year. She can barely stand for long and kept lying on bed hoping to regain her strength, but sadly to say that it continue until Sunday evening time.

Hubby would like to thanks everyone who SMS and MSN wishing her Happy Birthday. A pity that hubby didn't get her any present as there's really cash flow problem. But at least the real present will only appear next year April!

Mother kept saying to hubby:"Like that how to be a father?" Eyes looking from top to bottom with some sort of distrust, but in a funny way.

Hubby is one happy go lucky person and like cute stuff which you can guess how much he will dote his kids. Shall see in future tho.

Hubby wishing wifey to get back her strength because it does feel heartache seeing wifey been so weak. The thought of bringing her out to go for a stroll often had to…

Gynae check up #4

Wifey felt uncomfortable today, thus hubby and wifey head to see Dr Adrian instead of tomorrow. Hubby was on leave to settle some stuff today, so early morning both of them went to TMC, CCK. The wait isn't that long and luckily they are free from the moment wifey called (around 10.30am till 11.30am).

Vomiting kept on coming non stop and wifey felt so terrible even until now.

Before heading to see gynae, both wifey's friends had great instinct that she is preg. Ann gasped when she ask is wifey preg... (after wifey told her that she been sick these few days through SMSes).

Another is Val seeing wifey MSN nickname shown sicky icon. Hubby was around when Val msned her and that's when Val knew more of it as wifey was feeling so sick that she went to bed and lie down.

While at the clinic, wifey told Dr Adrian that she felt so terrible and been vomiting non stop. Been nice of him, he said that this is usual for all woman in the calm tone, and ensuring that my wife felt better. Just…

Wifey vomit non stop

Do not try to eat fruits that is not really ripe. Wifey ate a few yesterday and that caused her terrible feeling and had to vomit everything out.

It was so fine for her during the trip to Bintan and hubby guessed that it could be due to there's activity going on and also out of country which made her never thought of vomiting.

End up, when she got back to Singapore, she been vomiting non stop till today. Whatever goes in, just come out. Even there's nothing at all, it's just some acidic from the stomach and some sort of water with bubbles. Heartache is one good description.

There's literally no food for wifey to eat, even by skipping oily food, no use at all. She eventually vomit out the hotdog bread she just ate. Feeling quite terrible and hoping she will turn well just like last week. Hubby need to ask doctor about it since they will be visiting the doctor for checkup this Saturday.