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My First Skool - Children Day Celebration

It is marvelous that MyFirstSkool from Cait and Clar's school, is organizing outdoor Children Day celebration.

No doubt the celebration falls on Saturday, there are still a lot of supporting parents came by and join in the fun with their kids.

Potluck is welcome, so long as the food is halal.

Fortunately, there are quite a lot of food prepared and contributed from the parents as well. Food is totally awesome. The Ongies contributed Oreo tin can biscuit as well as both sardine and potatoes curry puff.

Fearing it will be one of the food that no kids will want to take due to spiciness (hubby and wifey did ask for less spicy when ordering it). Surprisingly, it was well received by both adults and kids! In a short period of time, 2 big and 1 small boxes were almost empty when hubby want to get it more. That is a relieve, indeed.

All the kids love getting their balloons, watching teachers performance and magic show by Jason, and of course, the game prepared by the thoughtful teachers.


D' Kranji farm resort open house

Fancy some getaway from urban area into somewhere deep where there's only hut and greenery?

Yes, D'Kranji farm resort will be the one for you if local like all of us want to get away from the busy street, but yet, still want to be in Singapore due to school and work commitment.

Deep into Neo Tiew road, lesser cars, tiny road as if you back into the olden days of Singapore, lies a big resort for a great relaxation. When hubby and the family visited there, they were surprised with the overall look - it is very pretty and clean too!

Thought there will be a lot of animals smell, but this proves him wrong.

2 weeks back on Sunday, they were having open house for everyone. Advertisement is pretty mild, but the turn out is pretty good when they arrived near noon. There are food, games and balloon sculpture too.

Let's hope this blog will bring in more awareness for them.

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