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32nd weeks of pregnancy

Wifey sayang Cait cait in there.

Happy wifey posing with cait cait

Wifey felt that tummy skin is stretch so tightly and feeling hard to breathe because of Cait Cait occupied too much of space. She also upset that hubby pointed out 2 side stretch marks. (Not willing to say where as she felt so demoralise) Anyway, its on the bottom left side.

She just had crabby for dinner as she felt a sudden crave for that. It is because she have to avoid seafood according to mom, which will take at least 4 mths.

Wifey also received a SMS from Parent Craft and it has been confirmed that the lesson will be opposite TMC. Lesson will start at 12.30pm to 2.30pm. Both of them are looking forward to this lesson as it will guide them how to bathe and taking care of baby.

8th mth pregnant wifey

8 months pregnancy. Tummy is getting bigger and wifey is on her way to work. :)

Tummy is getting bigger and heavy, wifey tend to walk abit slower then before and lots of attention is needed by hubby. Wifey want to get Clarins body treatment oil for stretch marks as there's slight marks seen. That's one of the most nightmare for all mummies.

Mummies from Singaporemotherhood will be meeting up this Friday at VivoCity for chitchat session and wifey is still deciding to go or not. It will be great to know more mummies around for her. Of course, baby fair is on Friday and Saturday over at Singapore Expo; Mrs Wong suggest mummies not to go. Perhaps due to crowds tho. Everyone has no idea if it will be any cheaper.

Parent Craft Lesson #4 will be affected as Mrs Wong has a talk which happen around 5pm and to her it is a very weirdo timing. As parent craft lesson is held at AMK Hub, they are hoping to secure the area as TCM paid for rental. There might be lesson for kids at that period o…

Cait Cait is so hyper active and Parent Craft Lesson #3

Just yesterday, she gave a great kick on hubby face when he lay down his face on wifey tummy and listen to what she is doing! Of course, as usual, hubby got a shock of his life! The kick is so incredibility huge! Either she thought someone is playing with her or disturbing the rest. She was so silent until hubby tried listening to it.

Cait cait had been so active recently until wifey had great difficulties by sitting down, standing up and moving around. Not to forget her kicking in wifey tummy also. It is as if there's really bad cramp happening in there. Imagine the sudden huge movement in wifey tummy might cause a shock! It just happen any time or day, even when sleeping. Lost of sleep also part of the reason why.

Parent Craft has now reach to lesson #3. Which means, it is getting near to labour day.

Mrs Wong managed to get back from her seminiar which caused all lesson delayed by 10min. (Which is fine)

This time round is video about giving birth. Some emotional mummies will sob bec…

Mom working really hard

As continued from today, hubby took some photos earlier on while mom was still sewing. She claimed that she is not going to do it anymore because tired the word. When the time comes, she will do it again.

Mom sewing for the cute tiny pillow.

Cait cait will love it a lot!

The adorable cutie cowie.

Sewing it with her heart. She is so tired but definitely a smile when the product is finish.

Wifey began to know more friends from SingaporeMotherHood forum. According to some of the forumers, they suggested not to use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo because it is very dry for the baby. They also warned hubby and wifey regarding to the color bleach because it will eat the baby skin as they are way too sensitive.


Mom just finished the entire pillow case finally.

The finished product done up by mom.

Lovely pillows.

Wifey with the cutesy small pillow.

Checkup #8 and 9

Hubby guess that it should be checkup 8 or 9. Seriously speaking, both of them literally lost count. Anyway, these are the 2 ultrasound photos which is 3 wks ago and yesterday. Hubby finally took time to scan it in office.

Cait's head look pretty big. hee 3 wks ago

Cait Cait is now 1.7kg! Yesterday ultrasound

Mom also did more pillows for Cait Cait yesterday. The cartoon is cow, which means Cait Cait going to have both piggy and cowie pillows. Photos will be shown later on.

Starting to countdown..

Wifey and Hubby are just back from Dr Adrian's clinic. Hubby was asking Wifey this was visit no. #? Wifey has also lost count how many times the lil one has done the ultrasound, maybe only by counting the number of printouts they have?

Baby Caitlyne is now at about 31weeks, pretty anxious cos at 37weeks onwards she'll be full term and maybe born around 39 weeks? This only leaves 8 weeks from now for Wifey and Hubby to seeing her! Dr. Adrian also asked about which hospital will Wifey be delivering at, and the choice will be at Thomson Medical Centre. Wifey opted for 4-bedded ward due to extremely tight budget.

For 4-bedded, natural birth without taking epidual (which costs about $300 for 1 dosage) will cost around $1-2k cash after Medisave deductions of $2k+. This will include Dr Adrian fees of $850 for natural delivery. For Caesarean birth, the gynae fee will be abouht $1350-$1500 so the cash after Medisave will be abouht $2-3k. If staying in 1-bedded room, natural birth will r…

Baby learning kungfu?

Wifey was experiencing a huge movement in her yesterday. It is as if Caitlyne is learning kungfu in there! Wifey was blaming hubby for getting the home theater system and watching "Ip Man" and as a result, is she learning Wing Chun? How amazing.

Her punching and movement were so huge that hubby got a shock! Wifey just hubby about she been stretching non stop. Could it the space? Look like she also cannot wait too!

Wishlist is up on the blog and hoping that everyone can glance it through. This is to help those who are cracking brain of what to buy. That's how nice hubby and wifey are.

Wifey is looking at this wonderful gift site for baby shower. 2 more months left and this is so interesting tho! Hubby and wifey are already looking at how to make the baby shower nice and sweet. As house is pretty small, they can only divide the colleagues, friends and relatives in different part. It will be over crowding at that period of time. They will replan it when time comes again.

Parental Craft Lesson #2

The lesson learn today is incredibly interesting though hubby almost fallen asleep. Most importantly is all about breathing technique and pain relief during labour. Mrs Wong is very patient and seriously, she almost made everyone want to fall asleep when she is talking about the relaxation. Such as, controlling your mind to think of something relaxing, calm and  very nature.

Massage technique was also taught during the lesson. A pity that one of the couple was unable to finish the whole lesson due to some sudden bleeding from the wife, thus they need to quicken their pace to hospital for checkup. Bless them.

Hubby also need to put in effort during wifey labour period like massaging her back and been cheer leader. There's also technique to massage wifey back as not to hurt hubby wrist which might go up to hours? Much understanding of how the labour will go through was also explained clearly from Mrs Wong too. As she need to attend some talk next Saturday, she might be late for hubby …

Emo and clumsy

It is quite true that wifey had been feeling emotional lately and quite clumsy while doing things.

It is time to countdown the day baby Caitlyne born in around 7 weeks. How anxious everyone can be. Hoping this girl bring lots of luck to everyone. Everything are ready for her to welcome to the world. How anticipating.

One thing that wifey got speechless when she told hubby about the day is getting nearer and his reaction is not about joy or what, but to say that HE had not finish his GAME! That's how ironic hubby can behave now. To him, he can fully concentrate on baby girl after the game. How interesting of him to behave like that.

Mom just started some sewing yesterday for lil princess pillows. Photos will be shown after it been done up.

The cutesy pillows mom made for lil one

The cartoon is piggy and these cloths are pillow case tho.

Look at how small the pillow is. Heh.. This is the beans pillow.

There's some stuff to get from hubby aunt and wifey's coll, greatly appreciate.

Parental Craft Lesson #1

The lesson is great last Saturday at AMK hub for the parental craft. Everyone had to sanitise their hand before heading toward the lecture room. The whole already were filled with papa and mama, which what Mrs Wong called everyone in the class, from the previous lesson before hubby and wifey. There's also a door gift from Mamil powder in the paper bag.

There are 6 more couples in the class before them. Mattress and pillows were laid properly on the floor for everyone to start some excercises later on. There's video clip to watch as well. All papa will have to follow suit on what their wifey did as told by Mrs Wong. The class is fun and knowledgable, of course everyone is kinda shy for the first time. Pap had to wear a dummy suit which had the boobs and big tummy on, this is to let all papa to feel how mama felt during pregnancy period.

The exercise are easy to manveuer, and there are some tips on how to massage wifey legs if they experience any cramp. Papa were also taught on ho…

Eventful day

Lately Wifey's tummy has ballooned alot! Although some aunties and neighbour keep commenting that the tummy is very small for 7 months, Wifey is not really worried and is actually quite happy as Caitlyne is a healthy weight of 1050gm and Dr Adrian says its of average weight and size. Good enuf for Wifey and having a smaller tummy is better cos Wifey is not carrying so much extra weight too. hee

Today poor hubby is suffering from bad backache due to carrying alot of heavy shopping such as wine for the confinement, baby Caitlyne's heavy cupboard and so on so he's on MC to rest. But alot of errands were ran today from morning Hubby and Wifey went to clinic at 830am and had to wait for 1hr 30min for Hubby's turn, so they proceeded to breakfast and met Hubby's mum to go supermarket to buy Black Vinegar to be used for the pig trotters or sth during confinement period. Then Hubby went back to clinic to see Doc and get MC and they proceeded home. One hour later they're …

The countdown begin to start

Wifey is now 7th month (28 weeks) and everyone is very anxious about it. How interesting it's going to be. Hubby felt a little lost when both of them were discussing about sending Caitlyne to infant school for just Monday and Tuesday. The cheapest wifey found is $450 a month. That is going to cost them a bomb! Well, hubby believed that something will work it out. Just that 2 days costing is $450 is way too much. Either, a baby sitter is the only idea.

Caitlyne is very naughty today when hubby and wifey went to aunt house for some gathering, which end up will ALL relatives appeared! She been kicking wifey at the side and it is very funny for her to do that.

Wifey was worried that due to her tummy is not obvious and consult Dr Adrian yesterday at the clinic for the check up. As usual from him, Normalis the word. Wifey checkup shrink down to 3 weeks now instead of 4. It will become 2 wks to weekly until the day Caitlyne engaged. Wow... that is really nervous.

As usual, she got a new stu…